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Resolved! lms 3.2.1 Vs 4.x

Hi Vinod/Team,im having lms 3.2.1, i would like to know if cisco is supporting this version., and which version should I go in 4.x as a best practice.I would like to know the key benefits of having lms4 over lms32.

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hi,I am seeing an increasing number of processes on our Solaris based Ciscoworks server. The parent and the zombie processes are the following:root@cw:/usr/ucb# ./ps -alxwww | grep 26915 0   101 14737 26915  0   0       0    0                   Z  0:...

aslyuch by Beginner
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Hi all,I want to do something with IP SLA and started by estabilishing a baseline. I'm trying to check history on an ASR. I tested same config on a 3845 and was forgetting the "history filter all". After this I could see history table on 3845 but sti...

mario_kmc by Beginner
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Hi,Recently there is some network issues (topology) happen due to some activity. However we couldn't do proper troubleshoot as we didn't find much logs in switch specially STP, Topology Chage, Root bridge, IGMP, Multicast etc. As per our case, we can...

Hello!I want to upgrade a Catalyst 3560-48PS to the last IOS.I get an errormessage stating that there is insufficient space in flash: I have deleted all files in flash - but I still get the same error message. According to the documentation there sho...

torleif by Beginner
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