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I have a 2 different networks. LAN1 with SG550X and LAN2 wih C9300. I connected these networks with L3 etherchannel. I need Multicast in LAN1 from LAN2. I cant find PIM configuration in SG550X.How do I Multicast SG550X L3 ?Thanks

how do i fix this problemR1(config)#do sh parser viewCurrent view is 'root'R1(config)#parser view SNR-ADMIN superview                                                        ^%    Invalid input detected at '^' marker

gard by Level 1
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Hi,I am doing this as part of an assignment. The main goal I am trying to achieve is to get IPsec working on all routers. The file I attached was the last working version of this however every time I open the file now it no longer works on any sites ...

j05hpa by Level 1
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HelloI am new to this forum and cisco firewallsI  bought a cisco asa5506-x, the default configuration seems to be running fine.However, I’m puzzled by the different image versions showing in startup-config, “ASA Version 9.8(2)” and in running-config ...

ublaq by Level 1
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