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Hello,Cisco Business Dashboard (FINDIT)SG350X-MP24 Firmware Version have a problem where one device is constantly online and I wish he wouldn't show up in Cisco FINDIT in the inventory.And can't delete it because it's online ...

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loranger by Level 1
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I just installed the Cisco Business 350 Series switch with 12 SFP+ ports and was wondering about the Link Aggregation setup. What I want to do is utilize two ports that will allow me to either double the connection speed of the workstations that I've...

David266 by Level 1
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HI all,i've DCHP server configured on FW eth1/4 and static IP on router interface Gi0/0.Which configuration i should apply to ROUTER-EDGE in order that PC4 could receive IP address from FW DHCP server? Thanks in advance,MG

gabelz by Level 1
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お世話になります。現在、 C841M-8X-JAIS/K9でGigaethernet0/0をmonitor sessionの送信元I/F、destinationをGigaethernet0/6で設定しています。モニタしているとGigaethernet0/0だけではなくGigaethernet0/0~0/5の全ポートがモニタされているように見えるのですがC841M-8X-JAIS/K9では単独の物理Gigaethernetインタフェースをモニタすることはできないのでしょうか?(全ポートがモニタされ...

Hi All, We would like to modify the configuration via SNMPset command but unfortunately now the SNMPv3 was configured to Read only.Any experts here could advise?snmpset -v3 -l authPriv -u <SNMPv3 USER> -a MD5 -A <PASSWORD> <SWITCH_IP> .

Hi All,Any advise for SNMPv3 to push the configuration, due to seems look like only SNMPv2 can I found.SNMPv3snmpset -v 3 -u USERNAME -l authPriv -a SHA -A AUTH_PASSWORD -x AES -X PRIV_PASSWORD DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS i 1sn...