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I've followed the below guide for setting up a Static PAT using a spare IP so I can keep the WebVPN on the default outside interface using 80/443. Here is what it looks like from my config. The default WAN interface is XXX.XXX.210.131object network W...

tim829 by Beginner
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I have a 5506-X I have a site to site with another location over WAN 1 & we also use this WAN for internet traffic. I now have an additional WAN connection. I want traffic from, Local Clients (192.168.2.x), to the remote site to (192.168.1.x) go over...

I recently replaced the cisco pix 515e we had running as a failover pair with a new 5506x pair. I have enabled the configuration as per the 515e setup as far as I am aware and it was working, for a bit. On the initial configuration, the active (calle...

chris by Beginner
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Dears, i have multiple sub interfaces on ASA 5585X  for example interface front-end-sharepoint-servers and Interface back-end-sharepoint-servers & Interface SQL-servers & interface Active-Directory when i execute a access-list  permit ip any any on e...

Hi Team, We have the problem yesterday in our sourcefire regarding in slow performance.The resolution that we made is we reboot the sourcefire. We need to know what is the cause why when we accessing the Sourcefire by GUI it took so long and sometim...

Daryl by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5525-X Nat 9.2

Dears, I have a simple question , pre-8.3 I use to do a static identity Nat for accessing the branch for example as below static (INSIDE,BRANCH) netmask BUT in 8.3 later  I don't think so I have to do anythi...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, From few days I'm trying to create a NAT from my local network ( to the public interface (using the same IP address as public interface) so what I did is: myLAB(config)# object network INSIDE-SUBNET myLAB(config-network-object)# nat ...