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Dear all, I have Cisco Indentity Services Engine, that  connected to Active Directory. When I test connection detailed,the result is error, said:Test Connection ResultsThis dialog shows the detailed logs for the operation for: idsv0018.Status: FAILED...

JERRI - by Level 1
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Hello,PIX525 OS 6.3I´m configuring a service of mail relay in my network, but i cant send mail's outside my network.In telnet to my relay server outside and i recieve the 220*********************************** message.I already have the "no fixup pro...

pjbcaeiro by Level 1
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I have a very simple request on 8.6 code, I need to translate a public ip address to a private on a given port, I have the following :object network obj-TEST host!object network obj-TEST nat (inside,outside) static!access-li...

Hello,I'm having an issue with my firewall, and I absolutely can't figure it out.I can access the internet fine.  However, a few select websites are not working ( can ping, but I can't ping wouldn't be a big d...

ematelyan by Level 1
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Hi all,Need to confirm if  ASA  has 2 routes to destination  which  one it will use.Destination IP is x 1route  x 1Here we see routes to destination.As pe...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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I've been tracking a conversation on my firewall. I have an inside device that is trying to communicate to a server outside to send data. The conversation is suppose to be all 443. I see that there is a TCP connection made and a dynamic NAT that tran...

Resolved! ASA-8.4(3)

Hello..We have DMZ interface on ASA 5510. A L2 switch is connected to DMZ interface and all DMZ servers are connected to L2 switch.Everything was working fine on 8.2(5). Recently we have upgraded 8.4(3) and after upgardation we are finding that DMZ s...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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Resolved! Firewall curricula

Hello. I would like to ask a question about Cisco firewalls: Are there any books or curricula that cover topic: firewall principles ? My next project includes testing of mentioned device so I am looking for some source of information that helps bette...

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