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Use PIX 501 to access internet, how to?

I have this PIX 501 box and this is what I want to do: Outside: connect it to a DSL modem (yahoo/ATT SpeedStream 5100). Use DHCP Inside: connect to one or two PCs. Use static IP. The PIX box's inside IP: The Yahoo's DNS server IP: 192.168...

otnj2ee by Beginner
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ASA and VoIP

I'm asking in advance, because i feel i'll have some problems with this. The scenario is the following. I have a network with Cisco VoIP (call manager and 2821 router). The router is the gatway to PSTN and the ISP and has a private IP address in the ...

CSA for 64bit Windows

Will this ever be available? We are migrating most of our servers to 64bit and as we do, I'm gaining CSA server licenses, but losing the protection. New management here doesn't like CSA to begin with, so this is just another nail in it's coffin. A...

dgoswick by Beginner
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CW LMS 2.6 software upgrades

Using RME to upgrade a Cat 3750-48ts stack. The operation failed while tryint to move the new image from a temp file on the switch into flash. The error RME logged was because the user "cwuser" didn't exist on the switch. In our environment we use ta...

s.helton by Beginner
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PIX 525 Static NAT

I have a PIX 525 with a static NAT which is part of a VPN tunnel:static (inside,outside) access-list translation2access-list dieboldtranslation2 permit ip host host host on my end is trying to get out and I can see...

IDSM2 / IPS 5.1 and VACL generation support

Dear all,I ve learned from my docs that IDSM2 w/ IPS v5.1 will support VACL block generation on CatOS. Question: Is generation of VACLs on native IOS in the plans? If yes when will we be able to see it? Will you support IOS Switches other than 6500's...

jbrauer by Beginner
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blocking non500-isakmp

n accordance with the present invention, a computer using a local IP address on a remote LAN attached to an external network such as the internet through a NAT gateway will use the ISAKMP protocol to exchange keys and establish SAs that will support ...

jahilnt10 by Beginner
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Firewall Throughput

Hi,I have a question regarding FW throughput, assume I have ASA5510 which has a throuhgput up to 300 Mbps and assume that I have 8 interfaces on it (by adding the 4 GE module). Now assume that I need to utilize all the 8 ports, is the 300 Mbps throug...

Question on ASA

Hi There,I have one question about operating the ASA in more than 1 edition; since SSL VPN can be done on the software-level so can I license the ASA for SSL VPN and also license it for Anti-X when deploying the Anti-X module?Regards,Haitham

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