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I have the following xpath expression in yang. I keep on getting syntax error when compiling:list device-if {        key "device-name";        leaf device-name {            type leafref {                path "/ncs:devices/ncs:device/ncs:name";       ...

Hi All ,I recently started with NSO and looking for some help on a specific configuration I am trying to implement .In my example configuration I made a service which deploys loopback 0 ip addresses on the devices , which works great for my learning ...

vikassri by Cisco Employee
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In ncs_pycli to get the I use the following code which returns half of the key is there any better way to do     $ ncs_pycli package_nameIn [1]: root.kicker__kickers.data_kicker.keys()Out[1]: [Key values = [<_ncs.Value type=C_BUF(5) value='test_actio...

Hello,I developed a fairly simple Loopback interface service. If I create a service instance the configuration is applied to the router. If I change the configuration of the device via NSO cli the configuration will change after the commit and the sy...

ks by Level 1
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Hi,What is the correct way of discovering/storing device model parameter? For mpls l3vpn i have 8 different CPE-s from cisco IOS software familiy. Almost all those CPE-s have different uplink configuration. Do I understand correctly that there is no ...