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Resolved! RIP Functionality

Hi I have the following scenario. Question?What is the routing table for routerC.Will RouterC learn the network yes,why and if no..why?All the rou...

admin_2 by Participant
  • 7 replies
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I am having problems getting my desktop to route properly with the ubr924. Its already been provisioned and I can sucessfully ping websites from it. When I try to ping places from my desktop I receive "Reply from Destination net unre...

cbell20 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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i need to change the admin password from the deafult "admin" that ciscoworks chooses. however in modify my profile the option is not available.. any suggestions?also could anyone brief me on the "causer" dialogue box that props in the installation as...

feline78 by Beginner
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How many inside interface and outside interface a Cisco Router can support?I was told that it can support only one outside interface and multiple inside interfaces. Is it true? Because I can't find any documentation from Cisco Web Site regarding this...

Danilo Dy by Engager
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