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routing subnets

Hi All,I currently have a route set in my router like the following:ip route <next hop>It has come to my attention that inside my wan I will have need to route something like the following:ip route <ne...

rhltechie by Beginner
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3550 error

hi all!have a look to this error;what is this,how can i fix it.!!! WARNING: The switch is not usable !!!Reason:Error with Switch Core BIST test.Returns: Test Complete Low : 0x00000011, Test ios version.......................................3550-i9q3l...

alsayed by Beginner
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vlan design help

HiI have a new switch and am in the process of configuring it. The switch will be used for servers in the DMZ. My issue is should I configure all the vlans in my current environment to be included in this switch, or just those related to those in the...

dan_track by Beginner
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Multicast question

I've router and PC station which send multicast traffic to address configs here - http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk828/technologies_configuration_example09186a00801a5aa2.shtml When i run #sh ip igmp groups IGMP Connected Group Members...

rmv72 by Beginner
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BGP dampening

Hi,I have to check if in Cisco 7200 router there are bgp session flapping without charging the cpu and I had an idea using the bgp dampening command.Now, if someone used it, if this command introduces cpu load.Thank you.Regards.Paolo