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Hi all,We have a project to redesign our core switches, this is my first time setting up vpc on 2 n9k 9372tx and wanted to get some pointers on which is a good direction, I've searched around, I know everyone has a different setup on their networks s...

Carlomd by Level 1
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Hello you network guru's out there. I'm looking for help with a very strange issue which is happening in my home network.It is most likely NOT CISCO related, but you are network specialists, you can point me the right direction at least.Intro:I have ...

Please tell me what MAC address VRRP uses for the virtual IP. Do all cisco IOS use only one unique MAC for one VRRP group? What about the virtual MAC address in case master failure, does new master(previously backup) still use same virtual MAC after ...

cisco2003 by Level 1
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