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Resolved! CPAM Client

I am trying to install the CPAM to my laptop. It will download bot will not install. It gets to the Select Installation Packages screen and only shows base, greyed out. when I click next it goes to the setup shortcut screen and will not do anything e...

VSOM intergration into CPAM

Hey all Just integrated a VSOM server into CPAM and the cameras are showing up alright but when trying to view live footage I'm getting a black screen. CPAM - ver 1.5.3 VSOM - ver 7.7 Cameras - all 2.5.0 I did notice that the address for the camera...

chippa111 by Beginner
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Camera Quality Issues

I have VSOM 7.2 running with 6020 and 7030 IP cameras.  As far as I can see in the camera configurations they are set for 1080p video, but all of the cameras seem very blurry.  It is difficult to pick up text unless it is in large lettering, but lice...

Can't Open CPAM Client

Every time I try to open the CPAM client, I get the error: Application client already connected to server from this locationI have found this error posted here but the...

SASD 7.0 and Windows 8.1

I am currently running VSOM 7.0 and have had no issues with windows 7 but I have a user that is using a surface pro with windows 8.1.  I have tried to access the VSOM through internet explorer and it fails to load the components stating that vsmc70Rt...

VSOM7 in retail - advice needed

Greetings. Would like to have your advice. For a retail project, I am currently looking for a solution when it comes to display camera streams. SASD is good for interactive setups, but does anybody have a good solution when it comes to those displays...

Resolved! VSOM can't add VSMS due to "No Recording repository selected for Primary media server"

Hi guys, I have a fresh installation of a VSOM and a VSMS (in separate VMs), both from the OVA file:  VSM7.7.0-CD121i-RHEL6_UCS-BC.ova  Now I try to add the VSMS under VSOM and get the following error message: "Operation failed: Validation failed: N...

Resolved! SASD supported platforms

What platforms are supported by the SASD? I do n ot see a supported platforms list for the SASD in the VSOM documentation. Error window: Cisco Safety and Security Desktop x64 Installer Inform... The operating system is not adequate for running Cisc...

infosecmgr by Beginner
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