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We recently upgraded from 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 and I have a server, it is running VSMS, VSOM, and now the rights and permissions in the roles on this server seem to have gone into crazy mode.  Randomly user had the ability to view cameras and groups of cam...

dean-lamb by Beginner
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             Using EDI software to pull personnel data from Oracle.  I can connect to Oracle successfully, but some of the "destination[CPAM]" fields are not understood.  (Can't find a Cisco chart that lists all of them.)1. Can anyone tell me what Up...

lohmannt by Beginner
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Can anyone recommend a good Cisco Physical Security Installer. Location does not matter, if they possess a DoD Top Secret Clearance that would be a hug benefit but not currently required. The project is a large system with approx. 150 doors and 50 ca...

I know this is an almost guaranteed no, but is there a chance that I can view camera feeds on my iPad or iPhone?  I have almost 300 cameras now and having an easy way to access a few while out and about would be incredibly helpful.  Since they are al...

Hey Cisco planet!We have successfully made our Cisco PAM system authenticate and unlock doors for 26-bit standard HID ProxCard II's. Hurrah!However, we have a potential small army of "Simplex" branded cards; they beep when we present them to the read...

randal by Beginner
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Attempted to upgrade the firmware on my 2500W camera from 1.1X to 2.1.7 via web interface.  It appeared that the upgrade went well but upon reboot, the camera bricked.  I can ping the camera, but no web interface.  I attempted to reinstall using the ...

Anyone know why on earth I would get this error?I have a couple doors showing alarms for  "Door State Inconsistent"I can not seem to figure out why. All the devices associated to the door are functioning properly...Thanks!Phil

Normally when setting up a camera before it is added to the network, someone from our organization uses a simple POE switch to power on and focus the camera. There are areas though where this is not possible (no drop ceiling)  and requires two people...

I would appreciate some input on this project.The short story is we are trying to integrate ADA paddles into an existing door.The facts:We have an Horton automatic door opener with 2 wireless ADA paddles (1 inside and 1 outside) on a door that has an...

Mike Brown by Beginner
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Resolved! 4300 camera issues

I am trying to view the feeds from my 4300 cameras.  I can log in and go to the view video tab, but I get a handful of different messages.  On my Windows 7 x64 IE9 computer I get "Object doesn't support property of method setProtocolType."  On my XP ...

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