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Anyone know why on earth I would get this error?I have a couple doors showing alarms for  "Door State Inconsistent"I can not seem to figure out why. All the devices associated to the door are functioning properly...Thanks!Phil

Normally when setting up a camera before it is added to the network, someone from our organization uses a simple POE switch to power on and focus the camera. There are areas though where this is not possible (no drop ceiling)  and requires two people...

I would appreciate some input on this project.The short story is we are trying to integrate ADA paddles into an existing door.The facts:We have an Horton automatic door opener with 2 wireless ADA paddles (1 inside and 1 outside) on a door that has an...

Mike Brown by Beginner
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Resolved! 4300 camera issues

I am trying to view the feeds from my 4300 cameras.  I can log in and go to the view video tab, but I get a handful of different messages.  On my Windows 7 x64 IE9 computer I get "Object doesn't support property of method setProtocolType."  On my XP ...

Resolved! VSM Mobile App

Hi,I wanted to check whether there is any plan to provide a mobile app for IOS or Android anytime soon?Also if I want to develop one now, what options to I have in terms of API/technology tools. I know VSM API provides methods via HTTP and AxClient. ...

sharpgate by Contributor
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Hi there,I figured I'd try the support forums before opening a TAC case and digging in myself.Are PTZ presets stored within the VSOM database?  Is there additional data stored elsewhere?  If so, where?  Is this configuration informtion carried over c...

Scott Olsen by Frequent Contributor
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Dear,Please help me in the next issue:Our company is ip camera manufacturer in Russia; right now we have big integration project and our customer use VMS 6.3 already, so we have object to integrate our cameras with Cisco VMS 6.3.That doc describes th...

Degrayse84 by Beginner
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Currently running VSOM/VSMS version 6.3 and getting a DOWN message for VSVM and MRTG; below: Checking for snmp daemon... Running.Checking for snmp server... Running.Checking for pending upgrade requestNo Pending Upgrade RequestChecking for vsrecorder...

waldronks by Beginner
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