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Hi,we have a cisco 2821 device which is being used for RAS VPN purposes. But, recently we are having 2 kind of issues 1. Some of the remote PVN users complain that they could not connect to VPN2. When connected to VPN, on certain connections people c...

ozzy7979 by Level 1
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Hi,   We want to migrate our entire network from IPv4 to IPv6 and have recently bought IPv6 /48 pool with AS number from APNIC. At the perimeter level, we have L2 device and there are 2 ISP's who have configured static routing using their own IPv4 po...

Deeprag77 by Level 1
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I inherited the systems and on a single Cisco 1812 router I see this configuration. Could anyone kindly explain what this configuration is supposed to do? There are the only two interfaces which are configured on this router. interface FastEthernet0d...

Hello, We were planing internet access router migration from some old device to new Cisco ASR1002. During first attempt of migration we faced an issue with HIGH CPU utilization after first eBGP peering connection established. Bgp peering loaded full ...

bozo.bogd by Level 1
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Hi,I'm looking for some help in configuring NAT on my Cisco 891F router.I have a pool of five public ip addresses provided by my ISP and would like to configure my router so that the router itself uses one of them as its WAN interface and for the rem...

GCannell by Level 1
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Resolved! route-map on svi

Hello I'm a little confused about this route-map on this interface vlan 999. So if i'm understanding this correctly, anything that wants to come into int vlan 999 with a source address that is in the "force-out-fw" acl which consists of the "permit-o...

Amafsha1 by Level 2
  • 20 replies
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Resolved! CCNP Routing

Hi everyone,I make a resolution to have CCNP for 2019. I will begin with CCNP Routing. Right now, I have 2821 routers x 3, 15.1M IOS c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M10. Since Cisco suggested to use Router 1941, I don't know if I have to get 1941 fo...

huyan by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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I am looking for a suggestion how we can ensure a custom application traverses the correct circuit as it's primary. I can only identify it by IP address so I am unable to use a match dscp or application.   For example, custom server IP: iW...

Hi, I need to encrypt trafic between two remote location 1Gb/s. I would like to use Cisco switches with MACsec. 1. Can I use WS-3560CX-12TC-S switches with sfp modules. I found that the switch support MACsec on downlink ports but I'm not sure about...

I've setup this configuration to apply for Standart ACL, i would have allowed accesses some of them but i got an error while configuring Static Routing on Router 0 toward Router 1 that Inconsistent adress and mask.What would you offer ?

Onrcan91 by Level 1
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