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Hello All!As a proof of concept, I have implemented PfRv3 in GNS3 using Virl IOS routers. The pings are working fine, all the DMVPN tunnels are up and running. The PfR policy is also published to the branch routers successfully. However, When I tr...

vakas10 by Beginner
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Hi, i am looking for an active/active configuration for the ISR829 Dual SIM with dual modem router.We would like to use "best RSSI" as the selector for the current provider.Has anybody a sample configuration available, how to configure this  ?   Regr...

One of our customers are converting from T1 to a PRI circuit. The customer wants to know can they switch the line coding to ESF/B8ZS for the new PRI circuit. I believe ESF/B8ZS is the standard for PRI's circuits? Can someone explain what is the diffe...

Hello, with the help of great people here at the community forums I've gotten farther with our MPLS router failover project to connect all our branches.     In this project, I am trying to get a second router to connect to the same ISP AS# to provide...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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In regards to ACLs used to match interesting traffic for IPSec L2L VPN tunnels, let's say I have a tunnel to one site, and a tunnel to another site.  On one tunnel, the destination network defined in the crypto map is the other tunnel...

Hi Friends,   I have a router where BGP is running.. problem is some time outgoing traffic to internet fluctuates which hamper our services..   We want to do something, where router auto check some internet destination on basis of ping , and if it ob...

Hi AllIn the IWAN design, using APIC-EM,Is it possible to have 2 data centres on different sites acting as a dual hub?I originally was going to have a primary and secondary hub router on my main site, 1 would be mpls the other internet.If I then deci...

Hi!   I've a working config that allow internet traffic trought a firewall that is direct connected to 887 fa3 (vlan2 - public ip).   Now I would to connect a "guest" wireless network that has to bypass firewall; I've connected the eth of the access ...

ilRobby by Beginner
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Without going into a ridiculous amount of details just yet, the problem is as follows.   Let's take this topology:   N7K2 --iBGP-- N7K1                             |                          eBGP                             |                        R...

john_sev by Beginner
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Hello Guys   Greetings   How can i test the below in order to make sure the Agreement SLA in place with my SP , any tools out there   • No more than 60 ms of one-way latency from edge to edge• No more than 20 ms of jitter• No more than 0.5 percent lo...