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Hello, I have 2 N9K's which are peer-linked together in data center 1 and the same thing in data center 2 and we use VPC to connect up downstream switches.   We are currently looking to connect these 2 far apart data centers together, directly from N...

Amafsha1 by Level 2
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Greeting   I am trying to build DMVPN MPLS ( it will be L2VPN MPLS ) i dont know if it will make a difference but im using L2 switch from GNS3 it should be the same i guess since the isp im using will not provide L3 or VRF's anyway, my plan to do 2 m...

dmvpn ospf.png

Hello everyone,                                I have a router with 2 WAN links from two different ISPs terminated on Serial & Gig interfaces. Both the interfaces are in different network. Traffic on both the links are handled by QoS. BGP is the prot...

slk_iocl by Level 1
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Hello,   Why this command isn't avalaible on ISR 4K - IOS-XE vs IOS ?      option 60 hex xxxxxxx   I'am using this configuration on IOS :   ip dhcp pool DHCP-TEST-ALL network default-router class TEST1  address r...

jean1 by Level 1
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Hi all, I have two 3850-24XS as a stacked distribution switch running 16.3.6 with MPLS enabled.   For awhile now I've been getting a lot of traceback errors in the log and google does not seem to be helping me decipher them.   Here are the two primar...

ayee by Level 1
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I have a branch office with a Cisco 881, using LAN address, and a Cradlepoint IBR650B router for Verizon using passthrough to the router, so it's effectively a modem. The office needs more data in a billing month, so a 2nd SIM has been or...

Hi Dear friend I wnat config extended ACL   For example permit have many IPS I want router ASR relove domain to all ips i test with this permit ip any it resolve  to one ip top address of site yahoo than yahoo site hav...

Anyone have experience setting up the Symantec WSS coming from a 5500 ASA?  The auth connector can't go through the tunnel like the regular traffic so how would I set that up so the AD servers can get to the cloud?

T_tow by Level 1
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