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VLAN setup for multilpe locations across MPLS

I'm looking at re-segmenting our network and looking for some advice. Basically our network consists of 25 locations that(each with their own file server,DVR,PBX box,Cisco router and 48POE switch). Our main CORP location houses 95% of the servers and...

johnny_5 by Beginner
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Network setup help

Hey all -- This is probably a very basic thing and I'm just not doing it properly. I'm trying to connect two 1921 routers together using the following setup: Router #1  gi0/1 Router #2 gi0/1 There ...

[Cisco IE4010 Switch] - Goes randomly into POST

Dear all, Having searched this forum for a hint or a solution to the problem I am facing, I decided to ask a question directly, especially since the product in question has just came out. The problem: The switch goes randomly into POST, i.e., it rebo...

ekarseras by Beginner
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Cisco ISR 4351 - Is Wall Mounting Possible?

Good morning, We are planning to use a Cisco ISR 4351, but are limited in the space available in our rack.  I would like to ideally wall-mount this unit.  Is it possible to wall mount the 4351?  If not, what prevents it from being wall-mountable? Tha...

dnanne by Beginner
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Resolved! Router ISP WAN bandwidth check.

Hi, I have  CISCO2901/K9  router and and ISP link is coming on the WAN port (G0/1). I need to check the status of the WAN bandwidth which is provided by vendor. How can i check that vendor has providing me how much bandwidth. Kindly help me.  Giga...

karinn001 by Beginner
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Routing protocol preference

Hi guys, As far as I know if a router learns a specific route from different routing protocol then it will prefer routes in this sequence eBGP > EIGRP > OSPF > IS-IS > RIP > iBGP. But in my nexus 7k I saw my router is learning routes & 1...

Resolved! Access internet with Cisco 877

I am starting down the path of doing a CCNA qualification, and have purchased a Cisco 877W-G-A-K9 to practice on (so I can actually use it "live"). I have set up Bridge Groups etc and have managed to access my NAS etc via Wireless. The inside network...

Resolved! Can 881G-4G support EIGRP?

Hi all, I was wondering can 881G-4G support EIGRP? I cant seem to start it, I have tried to upgrade the IOS to a higher version, but no go. anyone can shed some light? Thanks a lot. rtr01(config)#router ? bgp Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) isis ISO I...

yeopaul99 by Beginner
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Resolved! VTI with IPSec behind ASA

Hello all, I am looking into using a router at a remote site and a router at a the main site behind an asa to create a VPN using Virtual Tunnel Interfaces on each router. I plan on securing the tunnel with IPSec.  I am not 100% sure how the Virtual ...

Troubleshooting IP SLA routing issue

I am trying to troubleshoot our IP SLA configuration. It is setup to determine availability of a route through site A and if that route is not available, then the traffic would be redirected to a route in site B. I have the IP SLA configuration below...

Resolved! Static Routes Questions

Hi all, hope everyone is well !! I have a couple questions regarding static routes, hope someone can help. Thanks in advance !!! 1 - Let's say I have a local static default route of pointing to and a default learned route....

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Multihoming with 2 different ISPs

I have a customer who is going to have a single  10Gb ISP link from each ISP provider.  In this multihoming scenario, each 10Gb link will be taking full BGP routes, and will also back up each other when one of the ISP goes down. In order to handle 1...

abbasali5 by Beginner
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A connectivity issue

I feel utterly ridiculous for asking this, But I have not been in a switch for a while.  I am just trying to set a 3750 for simple connectivity for testing, I set VLAN1 to and my laptop to I can ping the VLAN 1 IP from my ...