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Resolved! ISP load sharing based on subnets

i have 2 ISPs connected to my network and VPN connection with HQ  i have 2 subnets on this branch, i want to go through dialer1 and to go through FE0/1 which connected to adsl modem below is co...

amr2020eg by Beginner
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What is the alarm - %LOGIN-3-TOOMANY_AUTHFAILS:

Hello; I currently have a router which is generating a lot of alarms stating the following:  %LOGIN-3-TOOMANY_AUTHFAILS: Too many Login Authentication failures have occurred in the last one minute on the line 393. Not sure what line 393 is and sli...

John Lee by Beginner
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Resolved! AS-path filter question

We are directly connected AS 1. We would like to allow AS 1 and directly connected AS in as well as networks originated in 2 with its directly connected AS. We peer with 1 and 1 peers with us and 2.  Will the below work? ip as-path access-list 13 p...

Ciderza99 by Beginner
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Strange ping pattern from Switch

I have this issue where pinging an Avaya phone from a cisco Switch I get this pattern: !!.!!.!!.!!.!!.!!.!! so for each 2 packet going thrur I get 1 lost. As per field tech the avayas no look ok (dont know what kind of message he sees) Please help.

Problem with staying connected

Can someone give me a better understanding of the difference between router and gateway? I thought the terms gateway and router were the same but this CISCO RVS4000 router has a place that you can tell it to be a "router" or a "gateway". The "help" f...

SLORILEY1 by Beginner
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Resolved! adding internet to network

hello, I am trying to run my internet through my cisco 2650 routers... all I'm looking for is help pinging out to the web like google or something..i have cable internet, currently using my own arris Motorola surfboard sbg6700-ac  which I entered int...

dyekast by Beginner
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Throughput license check on an ASR1002

Hi Experts, Customer is running IOS version 3.5 on their ASR1002. They need to check the current license throughput in case they need to purchase a 36GB license to support another 10G SPA. We cannot verify it using the command below because they are ...

rnoche914 by Beginner
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Output drops / Transmit Discards

Hello Folks,  One of our branch router is facing latency issues. Upon checking I found the circuit clean and utilization is normal. However, found lot of output drops. This is a 6M MPLS circuit.  Solarwinds NMS is also showing Transmit discards on th...

EIGRP Load Balancing Using 10G Interfaces

Hello all! I have an EIGRP Load Balancing challenge!! I've recently deplyed a second NX7K chassis to provide redundency in our network. Everything went all except for one minor EIGRP Load Balancing issue that I am facing. Here's the setup: VSS_6509_P...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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