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Hi all, I am setting up a lab to experiment with some bandwidth classes using CBWFQ. My lab scenario is very simple and contains two classes, critical data and scavenger. Basically, what I am trying to achieve is that I would like either class to be...

I have a ADSL line which always tends to drop line sync and re sync back at a lower line rate. My solution has always been shut the ATM interface and un shut. This will force it to re sync back at the usual line rate. This method has worked fine on A...

adventurer by Beginner
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Hello experts, I have following VLANs: int vlan1 des *** Guest ip add ! int vlan2 des***Data1 Ip add ! int vlan 3 des ***Data2 Ip add ! int vlan 4 des ***Data3 Ip add ! What i need to ach...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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Hi, We have a small site with a single L2 3850 switch connecting to an CE router. Currently there is two vlans (2 & 3) on the switch and the interface g1/0/1 connecting to the CE router is only an access port for vlan 2 traffic. We now need to carry...

gscalia01 by Beginner
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I have a Cisco 1941 router with a EHWIC-VA-DSL-A card.  I have bonded adsl2+ service with 5 static IPs (\29).   My provider assigns a 6th static ip through the pppoe connection. I know the basic cisco commands and have done lots of googling.  I cant ...

Hi, I have an Apple Time Capsule gateway and port mapping is configured. However, I have to  replace the Time Capsule with a Cisco 1841 router. I am stuck with how to transfer  the current port mappings on the Time Capsule to the Cisco router.At the ...

bonnyface by Beginner
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Hello We have a Cisco Catalyst 6500 that works for core network switching with two SUP7203B cards. One active, one standby. Since 12 hours we have a concern about this hardware that loses SNMP access and telnet for management. We have switched preven...

JGFR by Beginner
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Hello, We currently have an ASR-1001-x router running BGP, OSPF, multiple ACLs, doing multiple sub-interfaces and doing QOS.  We have the default 2.5Gbps license.  I was wondering if the router can handle 2.5Gbps worth of throughput with running all...

Hi Guys, I'm planning to upgrade my network from Router-on-a-stick HSRP. My current network consist of 2 routers and 1 main switch, with different ISP per router. Per VLAN depends on what ISP will they be routed by changing HSRP priority and track on...

daniel by Beginner
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