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hi,i got a spare SPA-1X10GE-L-V2 and would like to insert/use this 1x 10G module/card in a spare slot in question is, is this OIR/hot swap module that ASR1002-x will auto recognize?or do i need to reload ASR1002-x for the module to be de...

Hi, I have two isr4331 with isp channel about 300 mbit, and I needed to connect two vlans, I decided to use xconnect over l2tpv3 with ipsec and after configuring and testing I noticed that with 100 mbit traffic qfp = 70-80%, is it normal for xconnect...

Hello,we have a couple of CBS350, and after Updating them to Version 3.3.x we where no longer able to access the VLAN IP Interface from outside of the subnet.I have tried back and forth with:- default route- ip routing- VLAN Allow lists- No Access-Li...

tgt by Beginner
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Hello,I'm having trouble with a network that I had to implement. In OSPFv2, let's say we have the area 0, this area is supposed to have an other area, area 2, directly connected. Everything works fine but then we put an other subnet that is configure...

koued by Beginner
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I have changed the MTU on R2 interface (Gi0/0/0) from default (1500) to 1300 but its neighborship still showing in Full state it should be EXSTART state .what happened wrong , kindly share your views . i am sharing all related configs on both routers...

Buenas con todos, queria que me ayuden en este problema, lo que pasa es que en este LAB, me pide el R2 como servidor DHCP, el cual ya lo elabore, el R1 es un loopback como simulador de internet, en el cual todo me salio perfecto, ya que hice ping a t...

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1264141 by Beginner
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I have a C3925 router and its working fine.  I try to go to its webpage at and I get a blank screen no matter which browser I use.  I know there should be a limited page that I should see.I do have CME GUI installed on the router and whe...

Hello,Needing help as my CBR LAN is unable to ping my AUS DMZ, I notice the ASA Firewall can ping the DMZ but it can't ping the LAN. I'm not finished with my network so in the VLSM table I provide many things that are not included in the packet trace...

Shuffle by Beginner
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I have a scenario where I need to NAT a /24 network coming into my routers tunnel 1 interface to a single IP and have yet been successful in doing so unless I do nat overload and define the tunnel 1 interface as ip nat inside and then my gi ...