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Failed to locate egress interface

Dear all, I have small problem with my ASA router. I just wan't to make port forwarding from inside to internet to have access with TightVNC from internet to my computer. With below configuration I receive information "Failed to locate egress interf...

Forward from ASA5505 to Squid

Hi folks. I'm searching in the last few weeks a way to forward the external requests (http/https, mostly to logon on the web servers available), from the ASA5505 appliance to the Squid proxy. The LAN gateway is a L3 switch.The Squid are on a differen...

derivo001 by Beginner
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Resolved! Dual ISP WAN interfaces in the same network

Hi everyone, I am facing a really simple but tricky scenario. My ISP is giving me 2 public IP addresses, both in the same network. They also gave me the default gateway which of course is in the same network too.  I need both ip addresses fully opera...

internet access via proxy as well as ASA

Hi, our one of the location having connectivity at Dubai end as below: Internet Leased Line 1:1 8 Mbps -------> internet cisco router-->cisco ASA--->cisco L3 Switch----> users Internet Broad Band shared 1:8 Link 100 Mbps------->internet Broad Band r...

Using IP SLA as a traffic generator

Greetings. We have recently upgraded the bandwidth on one of our overseas Internet links, from 200 Mbps to 400 Mbps. However, we would like to verify that the link can in fact support 400 Mbps - or, at the least, that it's not still throttled at 200...

NAT Smtp

Hello I have a Router with static nat and a Server inside with smpt running ip nat inside source static tcp 25 188.21.1.XXX 25 extendable  I cannot send any mails with this config. Why ? The Access List is also open. 290 permit tcp any...

Resolved! maximum-paths command help require in BGP

Hii... I am using cisco WS-C3750X-48P switch in branch with two different ISP's link connected and apply below config. i want to load balance the outgoing traffic with two ISP's. i have configured  " maximum-paths 2" command under BGP. router bgp 6...