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VPN Clients not able to access DMZ

Hello Community,I have just setup my VPN Client. I have an inside subnet and I have a DMZ subnet have my VPN users assigned an ip address from my pool - 150I am able to connect successfully and receive an ...

imanco671 by Beginner
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Netflow ASR9001 capabilities

Hi all, I'm have configured netflow and using it for some time on ASR9001, but i have a few questions that always appear and I don't have any answers: I need to know the actual limits of the netflow engine on ASR9001. I have read Alexanders Thuijs p...

OSPF Load balancing not working

Hi all i have 2 routers (R1 and R2) connected to each other using 2x 4Mb links from 2 different service providers. i have configured OSPF to load balance traffic on both links, but the router is not load balancing. it is sending all traffic to one li...

Resolved! rip

hi if in case we have 3 router in that case if we will run this commend on the middle router than how the other router will able to communicate on the either side (how first and second router will communicate to each other ). as  the middle router c...

Resolved! frame relay sub-interface static mapping

Hi guys, what if I don`t want to use the "frame relay interface dlci" command with inverse arp on my sub-interface on a frame relay topology? I want to map the dlci to the IP address in a static manner on the sub-interface (multipoint) using the "fr...

Resolved! IP SLA over VPLS

To All Experts; I was wondering if I can use IP SLA to measure latency and packet drops between two remote Cisco Routers communicating to each other via a VPLS provider. Thanks; Juan 

Resolved! Connect two router serial interface

Hi As we know, when we want to connect two router back to back together, we need to configure clock rate on DCE side. But when I did so, both routers all have error message as below. Anyone have any idea for this ? Thank you Router2(config-if)#clock...

wfqk by Contributor
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Resolved! Router1841 config for mpls communication

Please help me how can I config a 1841 router?! I have a Cisco 1841 router that the fast Ethernet 0/0 is connected to g.shdsl zyxel p793h modem ( my wan mpls connection with IP  set on this port) and the another fast Ethernet 0/1 port i...