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Hello, i'm new'ich to networking, can somebody please tell what is it meant by saying that à router separates LANs(1) when, by default, when i set up two LANs physically connected to the same Router the machines respond to other LAN's machines's ping...

maglouais by Beginner
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i setup an ipsec between a ciso router and a fortigate firewall.Tunnel is up in both device while the two LAN subnets are unable to ping each other.i saw lot of articles and tuto and sounds confused about the necessity of NAT on cisco side!!!!!!pleas...

Imed by Beginner
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HelloI am having an issue with routing on a Cisco867 router. I am connecting it into my Virgin BB Router which is on If I ping from VLAN1(same subnet) I can ping the router and and devices i put in VLAN1 all work but I am trying to move ...

TR65 by Beginner
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R (Rv345) setup LAG for two R(s) wireless later, they both lost connection ?LAG1 :     port9, port3 in nextR0   2.4/ 1G        port9 ,    &&  R2   2.4/5.0G      port3=> error "...internet quality " in attached .jpg and connection the R0 , R2 lost whi...

aa321123 by Beginner
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Hi all,I am new to Cisco, so I apologize if something does not make sense. The question I have is: I've been given a CISCO2951-HSEC+/K9 router without a flash card or IOS. How do I go about getting the correct IOS for this device and how would I chec...

Hi I have a Cisco ASR1001 pppoe server with 2 BGP peering to others two routers. In Cisco I setup bgp+adress family but when my client start pppoe sessions and router assign to them public ips, 1001 dont propagate these ips /32. If, in address family...

santox by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Area

HI... We have 2 router connected using OSFP, and on 1st router my OSPF config looks like this interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 ip address ip redirectsno ip proxy-arpip ospf 100 area I just want to know, OSPF are...

hs08 by Beginner
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Hi all,A section of my lab:I'm on the windows server, trying to get it to connect to the internet via the routers (R1) g0/0 interface. i give it the IP of and i send a ping to In my wireshark captures, i can see the packet is g...

tranem_0-1670500834637.png tranem_1-1670501270138.png
trane.m by Beginner
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Our two core switches are Cisco Nexus9000 93180YC-EX chassis. They are both running a somewhat older version of NXOS version 7.0(3)I7(6).  We use HSRP version 2 between the two of them and are in the works of introducing several hundred SVIs to them ...

jduty by Beginner
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