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Challenge with my router 3825

Hi everybody, I am facing one challenge since this morning by installing HWIC-2CE1T1-PRI on my cisco router 3825. So after installation of  the card, i power on the router but in ''show diag'' the card is not appear, same thing even by trying to move...

dsrv22001 by Beginner
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on WAN interface /29

I have a small 871 router and my ISP is giving me a /29 but I only have one WAN interface.  What would be the easiest solution to split that /29 using the 871 which has some QoS setting on their. The 871 has 1WAN and 4 LAN ports.  I would like ports ...

FXO to pots in UK just not working

Hi team. I've dug though lots of these forums about my problems and most of the replys are years old so wanted to get a fresh set of eyes looking at this.   We have regional stores that use 2911 with FXO ports. I have one conneted to a BT pots line t...

summary-only option within the aggregate-address statement question

Greetings, I have a question regarding summary-only option within the aggregate-address statements. Here is my layout:           [INTERNET]           |                  |      [ISP 1]         [ISP 2]          |                   |      [Loc 1]------...

jorg_b by Beginner
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Resolved! How encrypted passwords are re-used

Hello - When copy and paste the Router configuration from one Router to another, we copy the encrypted password (Ex: $1$HxhV$X/uYHeBXhR1ua5IobKhtq1) and using command "enable secret 5 $1$HxhV$X/uYHeBXhR1ua5IobKhtq1". Though the copied MD5 Encrypted p...

Multilink issue

I have a Multilink with two T1's in the bundle. Been having a weird issue. The multilink will work fine for a few days. Then I will just start dropping a lot of packets. I have contacted my MPLS provider. They see no issue with the circuit. While the...

DWDM Wan Link - UDLD - Loop Testing

Hi All, So I have two 6500's connected together with a DWDM Wan Link. The problem I currently have, is when the WAN circuit is connected e2e one end of the switch interface constantly keeps bouncing, whilst the other end remains stable. They are bot...

Cisco Nexus 7K port in suspended state

Hi,  I have two Cisco nexus 7K connected with Cisco 3750 switch as Trunk port. A port channel vPC is configured on both switches working fine on Nexus 1 but vPC is down at Nexus 2 and port status is suspended. The configuration consistency is formed...

Rizwan by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR 1013 log in

Hello All Is there a command to login into line cards-slots  in Cisco ASR 1013 ? For ex. i want to connect  slot 0 ?  Thanks i have this output ; Chassis type: ASR1013 Slot Type State Insert time (ago) --------- ------------------- ----------------...

1Gb WAN Link - Managed Services

Hi Guys, Hoping you can help please. We are looking at installing a 1Gb Internet connection (Ethernet)  at our site which is a managed office block. The isp will provide us with a /26 subnet (public IP's) I want to split this internet conneciton i...

parm UK by Beginner
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Computer network for university

Hello I have a diploma work in which I am supposed to build whole computer netwrok for my university. This univesity includes 9 floors. on each floor there should be cable connection for arount 30 computers except the 8th floor where there will be a...