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Hello, I have a question using NAT pool on a Cisco Router. How is the assignment between the real IP and the NATed IP done. i.e. will always get the ... or are the used randomly? thx

Hi guyzz, i am having a pppoe connection in modem, a cable is then connected to Cisco rv042. Internet works fine on direct link of pppoe. DHCP is enabled from modem which provides range IP to router. I have purchased Static IP  for VPN t...

We were going through a comparison between the Cisco 4xxx series of routers.The Cisco 4321 mentions the form factor as the 1 rack unit (RU) Desktop. I would like to know what does this exactly mean?Is this some king of software running on a desktop o...

I created an IWAN test bed with CSR routers in the lab following examples in this link: Below is my topology I don't see any channels on the MC ro...

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Hi All I have 2 internet links now from Different ISP's On my first ISP we have the DMZ with the public IP addresses in so we don't have to NAT. However as we have a second ISP with a new address block, how is it best to set it up, should we change t...

Hello, I currently have a 2821 ISR w/ 256 MB of DRAM running IOS Version 12.4(11)T1. My current ROM  version is Version 12.4(1r) [hqluong 1r]. I would like to upgrade IOS to 12.4(15)T17 on the device. Is it necessary to upgrade ROMMON prior to the IO...

Hi, I had a doubt in configuring single interface to multiple wan locations, Recently one service is provided single ethernet output in HUB location and other 4 ethernets for the respective branch locations. I need to configure EIGRP on this link. Sh...