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Class-map || High Router utilization

Hi Team , Good day!!!I have one very basic question regarding the class- map.We have implemented QOS by defining some set of classes with the percentage of bandwidth in each a days i could see lot of routers in the organization i work for h...

Resolved! Resilient VPN configuration on c866 VAE-K9

Hello everyone,I need to build a resilient VPN solution based on the CISCO 866 VAE-K9 routers,I have: three sites, each has one DSL and one analogue telephone line,two of them have a static and known IP from their ISP, one will be assigned someIP eve...

how to configure NTP on a router ?

Hello Everyone, i have a router access list configured on both inbound and outbound interface, and i have a local NTP server in my network, now i want to router get time updated from that server ,  i know it is possiable but the quistion is that i ha...

DHCP Port Open

Hello, We configured two subnets on the switch, one is for employee, one is for student. We don't want the student student access to the employee subnet. The DHCP server is setup at employee subnet -  We are not able to pull the IP add...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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Resolved! ACL with schedule

Dear, I have a customer who want deny a service with schedule, he can´t do it on firewall, for this reason he want block a traffic from the main office to a small office across MPLS link. The Idea is deny this traffic on catalyst 4507 that is connect...

Cisco 3845 supported optical SFP module

Hi Team, I was looking to use the optional SFP module available in the Cisco 3845 router.As per Cisco's website I can use the following SFPs ...

Passing Public IPs through multiple ASA's (Part 1)

Hello Everyone,I am in a very unique lab environment with many "layers" of firewalls. www > ASA 5510 > Layer 2 Switch > ASA 5505 (1) > ASA 5505 (2) - VLAN 100 -                                                                         ...