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So normally a standard interface has an MTU of 1500.When creating a sub-interface on a router (or using an SVI on switch), should the MTU be manually lowered to 1496 to account for the extra 4 bytes?Everything just seems to work without this, so I am...

Hello all,I made a network for a college project in packet tracer and everything should work i think... But i cant get my laptops connected to the dhcp server and get the APIPA is being used error. I dont know what to do anymore. It has to be DHCP an...

WMelon by Level 1
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Hi Team, Could anyone please help to confirm if the FLSA1-1X-2.5-10G= (2.5G to 10Gbps upgrade License for ASR 1001-X) is AEOS or not? If yes, what is replacement product for the same? ALso let me know if this is a perpetual license.

Resolved! Cisco and Starlink

Hi all,I am setting up many Starlink antennas, and realizing that they have a fix IP address that is very often the same one of the gateway setup in the company.I see many companies setting up dedicated network for the Starlink antenna and then migra...

Theoretical question for my understanding:Say I have OSPF running in a shared segment that has 4 identical routers.Is there a reason for me to select a particular router to be the DR?If so, what are the use cases other than processing power?Thanks in...

I have an ASR1001-x with a single 10G interface to a switch on the LAN. I cannot pass traffic from the sub interface subnets to AWS network connected on WAN. The Lan interface subnet passes traffic correctly. the other two do not. Can...

jroy777 by Level 1
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Is there a Show Running-Config command that will remove the sensitive information sort of like when you do a 'show tech' it will display things like: snmp-server community <removed> RO snmp-server community <removed> RO 9 snmp-server community <remov...

jlubeck by Level 1
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Hello Team, need your help to understand the route selection when we using MPLS and inside the MPLS there is OSPF protocol. I am getting confuse when doing traceroute from CE1 to CE2 another site and it is taking the path which i am not understanding...

Resolved! C9300 NAT

HiReally hoping someone can help with this. I'm trying to setup NATing on a C9300 switch. It's an Advanced license so should be enabled. I'm trying to provide internet access for a guest network so am configuring it in a separate vrf. The config I ha...

lorro by Level 1
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