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HiI have a problem with spoke router, which connected through the DMVPN tunnel to the hub (dmvpn phase 1). Tunnel interface is Up, but encryption breaks from time to time (2-3 times per month). Ipsec connection establishment stops on phase 1 with sta...

I'm attempting to build my first GRE tunnel using 2 celular routers with static IP addresses provided by Verison. Right now I have the 2 routers connected to two different laptops, although I eventually want one to be connected to a PLC. I can succes...

nathanl02 by Beginner
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Hi! I am studying for my CCNA and need some help.  I am configured frame relay mulipoint over eigrp psuedo broadcast in a hub and 3 spoke topology. hub can ping accross to all spokes but spoke are unable to ping each other. I disable spilt horizon on...

PLC by Beginner
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HelloI would like to order a support for my router 7200 seriesbut when I send the serial number written in the chassis they say it is not validhow can I gather the serial number of a 7200 series?Thanks

rtalla001 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Path selection

Hi Guys,I have a 1G link between my CE and MPLS PE running eBGP. I will add another 10G link as a preparation to offload the 1G link in the future. Now the new link will share the same subnet range with the old link since the old link will be migrate...

Hello, Need help in understanding why packet drop occurs while applying policing in Cisco 2811 running 12.4(24)T7. The drops occurs only when we ping with any packet size more than 500. There is no drops when we remove the policing and when we pingin...

netops044 by Beginner
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Resolved! MPLS Failover

Hello,I have an requirement. My HUB location has dual MPLS links from two different service providers. Spoke locations also has dual links from sameservice Providers. My requirement is to enable auto fail over between HUB and SPOKE. Currently using S...

Peter K by Beginner
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