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in our branch office. we are using cisco 2621 as edge router connected to 10M uplink leased line. and for users using 3560.users always complaing about slow speed while there is no error anywher in the interface.except some drops in input queue.     ...

mahbobsun by Beginner
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Hi All,We have a Cisco 891 as our gateway router, and a 25Mb Internet connection shared between two buildings. We have a PTP connection connecting another building, where we have another 891 connected via OSPF. We have an external SIP trunk that we u...

tdubbbers by Beginner
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Hi experts,Please see below for the config. The problem right now is that I see saw-tooth shape of traffic usage. I want to make it more smooth.!policy-map pmap_ParentEgressInside class class-default  shape average percent 95  service-policy pmap_Egr...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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Resolved! Change AD in BGP

Hello,Is there any way to change the AD for an inbound eBGP routes to match with route-map instead of ACL? I know I can do that with ACL as follows and it works, but it is not scalable and if there is a way I can match AS Path or Community via route-...

Good Morning,We have a setup in place where one of our edge routers connect to a switch through a Motorola Canopy wireless bridge. What I am wondering is; Can I put a c1310 bridge setup at the switch end between the Canopy transport without having to...

Hello,I am looking at the 1921 / 1941 for home use and to support my CCNP studies. Would some be able to comment on what the fan noise level is like from these models? Is it something that'll run quietly in the corner or is it going to be as noisy as...

Hi guysMy company has ordered an ethernet point to point network for backups/disaster recovery;           Does anyone have any experience of...

stuwren01 by Beginner
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I have a 2600 with a PRI card, when I try to do an isdn test call int s1/0:23 ######### the debug constantly comes back with "Cause i = 0x83E020 - Mandatory information element missing" Vendor states he doesn't see the SDN 'flag' coming through. I h...

mlanglois by Beginner
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Is it possible to deploy a single subnet for entire WAN using VPLS links ( p2p ethernet) for a large branch setup ?What is the best practice ?

I'm new to Cisco and we just took over a client with an ASA 5505 I need to do 2 things first I need to know how to open or forward ports to an internal IP address  they want me to open ports 3389 and 1433 to an internal address onl...

jason0923 by Beginner
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Basically we suscribe to 2 ISP, so i believe they have different AS.We also have our own ASN number , example 12345We asked both isp to aggregate our ASN number .Question, seeing that both ISP aggregate our ASN number, we are also confuse which path ...

doncarei2 by Beginner
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