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I have a few production switches (x2 multilayer, x1 layer 3) that have minimal CPU usage (at around 20%) but entering a show run will spike the CPU upwards of 90%. This is something i've not noticed before (anywhere), and was only noticed because I w...

petenixon by Participant
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Hello,We have a flat network, Cisco 881 router > Switch > Polycom Video Conference deviceI have successfuly statically NATed the Polycom device to public IP but then it seems that the video traffic is not going in.Ive NATed : 115.42.184....

hi all,i'm troubleshooting a MPLS VPN client with their intermittent/packet drops on one of their "sensitive" application.i suspect this could be MTU problem and configured ip mtu 1400 and ip tcp-adjust mss 1400 on the CE router LAN ques...

Running BGP connection between my router and ISP. Have applied route-map in inbound direction blocking all the prefixes except default route.Everything works fine.But when i check "sh ip bgp neighbor x.x.x.x received-routes" output, i could see many ...

arun by Beginner
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Hi thereI have a minor issue whereby we have a Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G1 acting as our EDGE isp router, we are seeing minimal packet loss when pinging to any ip on the gi0/ dot1q interface within the respective vlans (roughly 1-2 packets out of a th...

Hi All,I've two routers running "ip multicast-routing" with "ip pim dense-mode". Is there anyway I can block certain multicast routes on the receving router so that when using the command "show ip mroute", I can only see certain interested multicast ...

I just got a 2951 router the other day that came with a 4GB flash card.  I can copy to and from the card, but I can't seem to set the system to boot from it.  Everytime I issue the command "boot config flash0:/startup-config" in the from the global c...

Hi allMy system network is running ospf update route .we have some branchs, The branch have 2 line leadline connect to HQ ,a line with bandwith 2Mb and a line with bandwith 4Mbwe had config run loadbanlance with cost ospf the same on 2 lines.but when...

hung_1182 by Beginner
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Can someone provide input on what these Traceback messages are and how they are caused:*Mar 15 23:07:57.250: %SERVICE_MODULE-4-WICNOTREADY: Unit Serial0/1/0 not ready for next command -Traceback= 0x41173B5C 0x40371894 0x40371928 0x40371CE0 0x40372794...

ryabutler by Beginner
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Here is my lab. I want to put this into production, but first I need to get it workingin my lab: we would like to do:Use the MPLS cloud as a primary for traffic between the two sites. If the MP...

Pete89 by Explorer
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Hi GuysI am a beginner - but i hope you can help. I have two routers,Router 1 - has 2 serial cards and an ethernet connection. Serial 1 is using ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0 to the ISP, I want to send the traffic from router 2 via serial 2 to thi...

nuno by Beginner
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Hi experts,I am embarking on a totally-new-to-me project, a transport network. I got the sample network diagram attached.  In the diagram, all stations will be interconnected via a Cisco 3560C which all points back to the HQ. IP addressing scheme is ...

hi,I am trying to give priority to some IPs from the internet, currently we have 7 ips that are pushing data to our network.So if we want to give this data priority over other data, will below steps work? please suggest1: enable qos globally using ml...