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I want to use C1111-4P as terminal server for other router's console port. I found past discussion in below, and I tried to make it, but not successful. (attached is current config)

k-baba by Beginner
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I currently have a internet router at location A with BGP enabled.  We now plan to bring up another BGP enabled router at another location.  Both will use the same ISP. The two locations are linked together with a MAN link. How do I make the router a...

geocoles by Beginner
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Hi,I have one 2821 router with this part of config;redundancy interface Tunnel100 ip address ip mtu 1400 ip authentication mode eigrp 2 md5 ip authentication key-chain eigrp 2 EIGRP ip tcp adjust-mss 1350 delay 5...

we have cisco 6880 switch with NAT is enabled. Last time I tried debug NAT with following two commands, and could see the debug messages. But now want to try again, but there is no debug message. Can anyone please help advise, thanks?  1. terminal mo...

Herman2018 by Participant
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I want to know in what scenarios do we need to use NAT.Suppose we have two networks connected via point to point link. Can we just establish communication between those two networks via static route configuration at both ends?Or is NAT only needed to...

Sagar4 by Beginner
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how does a client(PC) get a DNS address while it uses auto-configuration based on using the EUI-64? i have tried to configure as follows, it works good getting the ipv6 address (prefix and prefix length), default router but it is missed the very impo...

Hi everyone,I have a situation that I need to solve.I have a P2P connection from city 1 to city 2, from city 1 to city 3, and from city 1 to city 2.Currently, the P2P from City 2 and City 3 is live, and the P2P from City 1 to City 3 is on standby. I ...

savvas.ap by Beginner
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