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Problem with VIC2-2BRI NT/TE

Hello Colleagues,I have Cisco 2901 ISR router with Version 15.1(1)T of IOS. There are 3 cards in EHWIC slots insertedVIC2-2BRI NT/TE, VIC3-4FXS and VIC2-2FXO. When system start I got message:*Oct 23 11:04:36.715: %MAINBOARD-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: wic card in...

Resolved! How to connect a 1811 w in a internet modem

Hi to all,I am having  a hard time connecting my router into a internet modem since my modem is giving its own private ip address in short the modem is a router in itself. in addition, I cant change the modem's dchp pool its fix with netw...

kating_ph by Beginner
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GNS3 config

If you setup a sub-Interface (e.g. Fastethernet 0/0.900 with an ip address of /30) and connect it via ethernet to another router with an interface (Fastethernet 0/0 ip address /30) would you expect to be able to ping it?  That i...

DrVoIP by Beginner
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Basic NAT question

On a Cisco router is it possible to NAT to a block of IP addresses such that PAT only happens when the last IP address is used?I used the nat overload command and as far as I can tell it's only using the first IP address in the pool.  At what point, ...

0rsnaric by Beginner
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Resolved! Voice and Data over different paths

                   Hello,Lets say I have a central site with remote sites connected over P2P circuits and running VoIP.  Can I bring in a cheaper Cable or DSL circuit and run my data over that link via VPN back to central but run my voice over the P2...

Resolved! QoS: Priority & Bandwidth commands

Hello everyone!I have the following:policy-map subnets class VLAN20 priority percent 20 class VLAN40 priority percent 20 class VLAN60 bandwidth percent 40 class VLAN80  bandwidth percent 10interface Serial0/0:0 bandwidth 2000 ip address

Resolved! HSRP question

Quick question....can you set up HSRP on a WAN interface, one frame relay and the other ISDN line or is this for only ethernet?

wgranada1 by Beginner
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ASR or 3945 for bgp

We currently have a 1gbps pipe on our wan with our ISP, we are looking to get 1 100mb pipe for a secondary isp for multihoming bgp for failover purposes.  normally I would go with the 3945 router, however its throughput is capped at 502mb.  I know th...

dmvpn spoke connected to 2 hubs - with odr

hi,so I have this setup going in gns3.I have a spoke, at first it was connected to 2 hubs with a gre/ipsec tunnel per hub so 2 tunnels on the spoke running with eigrp. It would get a defaut route from both hubs but with an offset list I would...