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Could someone please explain some of the lines of output from the command run below please.The line that starts "424983 network entries..."; What does that mean? If I add up how many routes each peer is advertising me, it is more than this but ovious...

jwbensley by Beginner
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Hi allCan anyone tell me how AS path access lists work, if I had the below on my router, what would it do, do they go in sequence etc ?ip as-path access-list 10 permit _2005_ip as-path access-list 10 permit _2006_ip as-path access-list 10 permit _200...

Please adviseI have BGP peer with upstaream ISPI need recieve default route onlyI want to do this via route-map with prefix-list (not just perfix-list)How can I do this?Now I do next (but it doesn't work)router bgp 5xxxx bgp log-neighbor-changes bgp ...

Hi dears. I have 2x6500s series catalyst core switch. i configurated vss. all them are working normal. but i have one problem. some of my servers link is down sometimes. I configurated server links as etherchannel  not both of links d...

Hi all,I have one issue with 2610XM which reload by itself. I checked the crashinfo file found the router was reloaded on 12:03. I'm wondering is it software bug issue or hardware problem. Thanks in advance for sharing any ideas . System returned to ...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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Ospf  E1 route preference  via 2 mpls links.We have a MPLs connection via level 3 from India to US running OSPF,  recently we got second MPLS link from AT&T now since AT&T is running BGP over their cloud we asked them to run ospf on both the sides fa...

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on getting this to workWe've got a Cisco 877W (Test) & 1841(prod) with two PPPOE/Dialer interfaces to two different ISP (NAT overloaded). We've tried the examples on both platforms and with 12.4 and 15.1. We hav...

robardill by Beginner
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Hi i have two routers R1 and R2. Ripv1 is the routing protocol. What will be in my R2 routing table.R1 configurationFA0/0 - -  - configurationFA0/0 -  -

I need to rephrase this question. Let's say we have 100Mbps WAN link to the ISP, we have CustomerAand then the rest of our Customers. We want CustomerA to have lower priority than everyone else overthe WAN links. What is the best way to configure thi...

Resolved! IP SLA problems

have this configip sla 1icmp-echo 1000threshold 2frequency 3ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time nowtrack 100 rtr 1 reachabilityip route "our-next-hop" track 100ip route Dialer0 254ip nat inside...

rasoftware by Beginner
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