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Hello, I have a cisco 871w router that I'm trying to incorporate into an existing network. I have FastEthernet4 (WAN port) plugged into an ISP device, which I don't have access to. I have the address set to use dhcp, which is successfully recognized ...

Hi,i have a Cisco 2921 Router,with 3 giga interfacesi have a leased line for the internet with a public ip address and i want to configure this router as NAT /PAT gateway, so that users in my network can ue the internet by the router,my wan interface...

ajay by Beginner
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Hello I have just received a new cisco 2901 and started on its configuration.For my surprise, when I started configuring VPN tunnels, I saw that non of the crypto commands are available.The router runs on iOS 15.1.From what I read, people refer that ... ran across this on the cisco site and I wondering if it was possiable with two 2851's? The part that is most interesting to me is this part of the config...

johnfa by Beginner
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Good evening,we are wokring on a project for a company with an office in Kuala Lumpur. The office currently has a VDSL circuit with Telekom Malaysia which has also provided them with a VDSL modem. I've been told that Telekom Malaysia is tagging the t...

Hi all,Anybody know the command on the 1941 to look at the dsl stats for the ehwic interfaces? On the 1841, show dsl int ATM 0/0/0 and 0/1/0 did the trick, these commands are not available on the 1941.Any pointers would be much appreciated.Sent from ...

markeelen by Beginner
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Hi Guys,For a customer of mine I've designed an Out of Band management solution. This solution is based on a Cisco 2901 with a Hwic-16A module and a DSL module. The device will be hardened and access will be restricted via AAA and ACL's. Furthermore ...

mvknl by Beginner
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Hi Experts,Just like to ask first your inputs about the MTUs needed on our proposed setup. We currently have a large internal network composed of several metro ethernet links. We have different carriers and we all know that they do not always provide...

jpl861 by Enthusiast
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Hello All,Sorry for this small Question ,I'm on bit confusionI've a switch with a standard access-list which has more than 100 subnets permited , Now I would like to deny one permited Subnet from the same standard access list .What is the best way to...

Chts by Beginner
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