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I am trying to setup a GRE tunnel using loopback addresses on two different routers.   For security reasons, I dont want to advertise that ip addresses of the tunnel interfaces on the network.  I can ping the ip address of both the local and remote l...

Hi,I'm having some difficulty getting the following to work as I need it to. I have a 20Mb WAN link to a customer and a 16Mb ADSL 2+ also to the same customer.  The idea is to have the DSL service provide additional bandwidth in times of high load (t...

I have a 3845 running 12.4.13a which I want to upgrade to 12.4.24.After upgrade one of the interface that is configured for frame relay doesn't work anymore.The interface configuration is:interface Serial0/0/0 bandwidth 128 no ip address encapsulatio...

fmechetiuc by Beginner
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Hello Forum,Hopefully this is the proper channels for this type of request.  I have a customer who is looking for some online documentation that shows the configurations needed to accomplish the following:They have a L3 switch (3560-E) where all thei...

derrwill by Cisco Employee
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hi Cisco Pro's,what if am assigning an IP address to a device let's say and i want the multicast to be like this ( note the increment by one of the multicast IP last octet when compare to its last octet of the unicast IP...

Hello,Which ISR G2 is appropriate to handle 100mbps of VPN traffic? would 3925-sec/k9 suitable for this?The Cisco docs are very confusing on this matter... and couldn't find any reliable information.

Tkacprzak by Beginner
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Yes this is very old, but I hope someone can help me out here.  Lost a disk that had CWM 10.5, Informix and the Informix raw partitions(don't ask me about the build, I inherited it) on it.  New disk, recreated everything, restored CWM and Informix fr...

I must be doing something wrong.  I am looking to transfer 3 VLANS (10, 20, and 30) over a T1 point to point using Cisco 1921 routers.  I do not want to "Bridge" the connection, one location has a subnet and the other location has a 10.2....

ADynes by Beginner
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Hello Team,Any idea why my OC3 interface is showing increasing output drops its starts happening as soon traffic exceed 60Mbps   ( FYI my traffic never exceeded 75Mbps MAX, and circuit is 150Mbps from carrier , full OC3)Any thoughts how i can fix th...

ahmad82pkn by Explorer
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Hi , I'm trying to do lab with  BGP  route selection using weight, my purpose is to apply weight in edge router  for specified incoming prefix ( with neighbor , the config of edge in attached document I the result of sh ip b...

I'm checking some config with backup analogue line configured as DDRSh dialer shows dial string and status idle.How can I check when this dialer trigger from idel to active?There is no other interface looking external, but there is HSRP configred bet...