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Hi I was hoping someone could take a look at my current config and help me get this router into production. I have two WANs one primary ADSL2+ and seconday SHDSL. 1. I want traffic to failback to secondary if primary fails.2. I want https traffic des...

I'm needing to know what is the best way to test and verify connectivity on a xconnect when one side is a ASR9k?Normally if I need to verify connection across my network I pin up test IP's on the handoff vlan on both sides and ping acrossExample:Both...

cboyd2011 by Beginner
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HiI have an ipsec GRE tunnel between two data center with 200mbps dedicated bw. As such it works fine but when doing sustained data transfer even at 512 Kbps, GRE tunnel goes down. Any ideas?ThanksNareshSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Recently, I purchased a Cisco 871W Router with which to practice/study for my CCENT with. Since I have made the purchase, it has given me nothing but headaches.I cannot access the router to configure it, as the previous owner has a password set on it...

PeterR5368 by Beginner
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Hi,I implement a basic split DNS in my router : a default view wiht my parameters (forwarding source interface...). What I need to do is have another view which will be applied only when computers in the network will try to access * (for...

Hi,I have a SP that is requesting the following and I wanted to see if I can get your feedback.Customer requested a 2 circuit T1 with Internet, as a new requirement the custemer requested to configure  tunnels for INTRANET communication and the recom...

I have a 6509 with 100's of vlans on it, but in this case I am only concerned about 4My default vlan isVLAN /23 with the 6509 interface ip address of 1010.168.110.0 /24 with the 6509 interface ip address of

gacgac by Beginner
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Hi,I have cisco 3845 router with 4 HWIC-2FE card none of them is detected the message displayed is Oct 4 11:21:35.323: %ESWMRVL_FLTMG-5-NOTICE: Notice: FPGA Rev 0x27 *Oct 4 11:21:35.323: fe_mrvl_hw_init : Could not load driver*Oct 4 11:21:35.323:...

khader1977 by Beginner
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Hello All,I am attempting to downgrade the code in a new ASR 1004 in order to satisfy the company's software code requirements.The router is an ASR 1004 and is running this version of software:            asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9.03.06.00.S.152-2.S...

Hi All,     So I was curious if someone has a rule of thumb for DMVPN hub router sizing.  Something on the order of if you have x remote sites you need at least an 1800/1900 for your hub router, or at y number of sites you need to step up to a 2800/2...

tdorsey123 by Beginner
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