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Link migration approach

Router (BGP AS) >>>>>>>>> MPLS WAN link provider A>>>>>>> Router (ISP) :  Here the above wan link needs to be migrated to another provide B so i assume the below approach should work ?  > Determine the BGP routes being learnt and advertised from the ...

Unable to ping C9500-16X. EIGRP Null0

Recently got hired with a different employer and currently working on fixing their network.  Part of this is adding devices to a network monitoring system and pinging routers and switches.   For one remote site I can ping the switches management IP, ...

RC-08 by Beginner
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Resolved! End device of PVID

If a PVID is a VLAN (VLAN 101) created for IPTV, when Access point plug in one of the ports belong to VLAN 101,the other port plugged IPTV, the port connected to Access point is down.However, once we plug IPTV, the port is up. Question: Can PVID iden...

Live video Streaming Issue

A customer has around 40 plus sites spread across same geographical area and each have different types of internet links that connect back to the DC for internet connectivity. The DC core internet routers do not have any bandwidth issues, drops on th...

BGP Peering between Private & Public AS

I have the below scenario. I have Cisco router running BGP & want to have BGP peering with the service provider (Using public Interface)The service provider has provided Public IP Range for peering & also his side Public AS number. From my side route...

RS19 by Participant
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OSPF on Nexus over vPC

I am looking for documentation on configuring OSPF over vPC links across multiple Nexus switches running NXOS. Is it possible and/or recommended?    

ThariqAli by Beginner
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Zone-Based Policy Firewall - RT1101

Hello, could you help me with the Zone-Based Policy Firewall function on Cisco RT1101? When I enable "zone-member security INSIDE" on Gi0/0/0 interface I can't reach host (RT_1101_PE SUZANO). But when I do the same configuration using F...

Resolved! Packet Tracer DHCP Server Problem

Hello, can someone help me with my packet tracer?Most of my device have been able to connect to its DHCP except one and I can't seem to see the problem.I already attached my packet tracer to this post.  All help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you...

Firewall configuration packet tracer

Hi, I want to connect two LAN networks through a ASA firewall allowing a host on one network to ping a host on the other and allow all mail and web traffic between the two networks. How do i set up the firewall configuration to allow traffic both in ...

Firewall Configuration PKT

Good evening! I'm writing to you today in need of some assistance. I am currently working on a task configuring two networks that can communicate safely with eachother through the use of a firewall. Both networks are working fine individually, howeve...

JebusXI by Beginner
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