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Resolved! delayed hellos

Hoping someone can help me understand this issue im having as i can't seem to figure out the issue.I have two 6500 routers connected together, we will call them router A and router B. There are four links doing  EIGRP unequal cost load balancing betw...

3750 switch stacks

ALL-What is the best tool that i can monitor these stacks for issues like utilization and which port is the culprityour help is appreciated..

chyman by Beginner
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Interface downtime in order to initiate DHCP

Hi guys,I'm trying to find out what is the minimum downtime for a Cisco 2800 series LAN interface configured as DHCP client, in order to initiate a new DHCP discover.How much time does it need to take for the Cisco to "sense" the phy disconnection ?A...

ASR 1002 - limitation POOL NAT

Dears,Does Somebody know if there are limitations of POOL NAT on Cisco Routers ASR 1002 series routers?I tryied to configure a POOL NAT and not worked properly, but when I configure with overload in interfaces, it worked ok.It follows below, the both...

Cannot see your station/computer from the Internet

I am using a Cisco DCP3825 provided by my ISP Shaw. I am unable to get my ShoutCast service to work with this device as I keep seeing in the log2012-02-27 07:26:22     E       msg:[YP2] Connection attempt failed. YP2 error code is 480 (Cannot see you...

kolotyluk by Beginner
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Stacking Switches

Hi,Im trying to Connect a 2960-S Catalyst Switch to a 3560 Catalyst Switch. It worth pointing out im newish to switching although i know some commands and what they doThis is my first time connecting 2 switches together.They are connected via a cross...

Floating Static Route - SLA Problem

Guys,I have a Cisco 1841 with a DSL and 3G HWIC interface. I would like to setup  the DSL as the primary link and then use the 3G as a backup interface. I am trying to accomplish this using the Floating Static routes with SLA object tracking. I have ...


Dear allWe have 2 Cat 6509 connected to 1 Gbps Ethernet WAN Link. On each 6509 we use 2 Gbps IPSec SPA Encryption cards for Encryption. The encrypted traffic goes to a GRE Tunnel. This morning I found some error messages in syslog.%CONST_DIAG-SP-3-HM...

MPLS-VPN CE to CE separation

Hi Pros,I'm looking for a way to separate 2 or more CE's for reaching each other on the same VRF, For example if I have a customer VRF (MPLS-VPN L3) which configured with default route to the Internet and many branch offices which are connected to, n...

talmadari by Beginner
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Multicast receiving but not forwarding?

Hi,I'm about to retire in a few weeks and this could be my last troubleshooting job so I'd love to see it resolved.The problem is as per the title. There is a  core ring of routers feeding numerous outstation routers, dual attached to different core ...

bfisk by Beginner
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Resolved! bgp full table

Ihave a customer who is interested in building internet redundancy. I am thinking proposing a ASR 1002 as it can handle 1,000,000 routes with an rp1. In the past I have always used a 7206 npe g2, but I noticed these have an eol/eos announcement. ...

Acceptance test for ASR 9K

Hi,I am new at this, I have been currently assigned to prepare a initial draft of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) requirements for ASR 90101. Standalone ASR (without network config) : like the power supply, line card testing ... etc.2. Network ASR : t...

saikchak1 by Beginner
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