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Create VLAN 1000

Hi ,In Existing switch i am unable to find running configuration of  the vlan number 1000.but sh vlan and sh vlan brief its showing active and some port are assinged.other than VLAN 1000 ,all inteface vlan configuration and l2 vlan name I am able to ...

Resolved! Setting Up ASA 5505 Behind ASA 5510

Attached is a diagram of my network. My company has leased some office space to an outside company that handed me a 5505 and said "We want to VPN to our HQ through your Internet". I have two issues: I need this to work and I need to be able to access...

VLAN assist...

I have  the new VLAN that I wish to add to my existing network - 192.168.200.x. The new range will be 192.168.220.x I have gotten only so far with my configuration on a Cisco 3750 stack (note - the config below) and also have  four 2960 switches in o...

Resolved! Cisco IOS Issues on Router

HiCan i Use 1 single IOS in all 3845 Router?I have S384AESK9-124xx (T) version IOS in one of my 3845 router, can i copy the IOS and install it in my 4 x 3845 Router as i require (T) Version IOS to support HWIC-2FE module.Like wise, i have Cisco 1800 ...

Resolved! IRB and HSRP with strange ARP behaviour

Hi,we have the following redundancy concept at each of our core colocations:two carrier internet connections with official ip addresses (x.x.x.x/29)two cisco 7206 vxr routers with npe-g1 as gateway device for each carrier interconnecttwo cisco 2960s ...

cisco4com by Beginner
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Missed keepalives - drops LCP

Hi All,I'm in need of some advice, a few of my links (all BT ADSL on Cisco IAD887s) suffer from drops in PPP, the physical circuit doesn't drop out, just the PPP and LCP000489: Aug 12 12:13:22.085: Vi2 PPP: Missed 5 keepalives, taking LCP down000490:...

Basic Config not working

Hi Guys - Could you tell  me what im doing wrong here Im new to all of this and i have setup this ADSL router for testing. I can ping etc from the router to the outside world but nothing from the lan - no internet service padservice timest...

nuno by Beginner
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Resolved! New VLAN not working...

I am into creating a new VLAN and need advice on what I have missed in the setup / configuration. I have multiple Cisco switches, the VLAN is configured on a 3750. My attempt was to place the VLAN on one port (as concept) and work from there - - so i...

Resolved! 1811 router upgrade

Hi Experts,I got a new 1811 series router. Its sh version output is " flash:c181x-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.XW6.bin". I need to upgrade to the latest IOS.How can i find a latest one? How can i upgrade to the latest one?Please help...ThanksVipin

vipinrajrc by Participant
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Preferential Routing

Hi,I have two SPs on my network . From SP_A i am taking STM-1 and from SP_B its DS3. Now my company doesnt have Service Provider independent public addresses.  I want to use STM-1 from SP_A as the primary link in case if this goes down then only traf...

cisco by Beginner
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