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We have about 120 DMVPN spokes and a few more remote ones occasionally lose DMVPN to the HUB site. A quick bounce of the tunnel normally resolves the issue.I have been trying to get an EEM script to do this for me. I applied the config, clear the log...

So I'm at a bit of a loss with this one. I've already configured it and had it working before, but decided to restart for fun. I typed up all of my actions beforehand, made some shoddy IP addressing tables in Word, and figured that was that. I go bac...

JohnD3D by Level 1
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Hello,so we work in our DWDM network using NCS 2002 & NCS 2006 and there are aggregation sites on it. we want to perform fail over test on the network. i'm a little bit confused in the procedure to be followed and also i can't find detailed alarm tro...

Looking for recommendations for routing traffic from ASA back to router on "inside" network so we do not have to add static routes on systems. We recently added an ASR1001 to our "inside" network that routes traffic to Amazon thru a Megaport link tha...

jroy777 by Level 1
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Hi GuysI remember seeing a good post and diagram how a loop caused by mutual redistribution between 2 routing protocols was caused and mitigated, had anyone got a good example of this with a diagram? I think it was stopped using tags or distribute li...

Dear,       on Cisco C8200L-1N-4T router what is the difference between : 1- (NIM-ES2-4) vs 2- (C-NIM-2T)  that is "Cisco Catalyst NIM Module 2-port 1GE SFP with MACSec Cisco Catalyst NIM Module 2-port 1G Ethernet/SFP with MACSec" BR          ...

HNETENG by Level 1
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HelloI have got my hands on some different cisco equipment. Switches, routers, 2505 WLC and a ASA 5505. I tried to setup the ASA but got stuck with accessing the web ui, probably something with the Java with newer browsers.So now to my question, how ...

I have an access rule from vlanXXX with 50 security level to a host on vlanYYY with 100 security level. Which works but I also need route traffic to second NIC of the host.Is it possible to add static to ASA?

geoffFx by Level 1
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Resolved! Firepower NAT

I have Firepower 1120 in HA cluster and problem with NAT.I have IP addresses (A/B/C means subnets, doesn't matter i think for explanation) A.10 - main outside public IP **bleep**A.9 - main gatewayB.x - additional public IPs from ISP (got 5 of them, f...

edp-adm by Level 1
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