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Hi,I was looking for the datasheet of NIM-2GE-CU-SFP  but I couldn't find it. My concern is about the speed, I would like to know if this module can work with GLC-FE-100BX-D= Thank you.Have a nice day   

emakup by Beginner
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SOLUTION: UPGRADE IOS TO LATESTProblem DescriptionI have a Cisco 1841 with IOS Version 15.1(4)M1.But it cant sync to my setting NTP server.Interestingly, there are 2 cisco devices under its subnet, a C2960 switch and a ASA 5510 working in transparent...

sfc9982 by Beginner
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Hello,   I'm trying to register my ISR1100 device on smart account. I have generated idtoken and then inserted it to the router, but registration not happens.   Registration:Status: REGISTERING - REGISTRATION IN PROGRESSExport-Controlled Functionalit...

Hello, I have MPLS L3 VPN. I have configured sparse mode on all P and PE routers and sparse-dense mode on all CE routers. On all routers I ran the command ip pim autorp listener and on one specific ip pim send-rp-announce loopback 0 scope 30ip pim se...

Hi Good day,   May I request for advice on what went wrong on my laboratory. During the set-up process PC A, B and C can ping each other and works well I configured necessary interfaces, networks and loop back, use auto summarization for R1 and manua...

cyberWolf by Beginner
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The router would first only boot onto rommon mode. This has been solved with these steps:Shut the router down.Remove the compact flash from the back of the router.Turn the router back on.When you see the Rommon1> prompt, enter the command of confreg ...

Bobns by Beginner
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Hello, I have MPLS L3 vpn. I want to use pim sparse mode. I have configured one PE router to be RP and P router to be MA. On each PE I have MDT default in the vrf configuration (i have ip multicast routing vrf) and the other routers int the network a...

Not sure what happened here was working perfectly find for 2 hours than just no response I can ping and all the other Netflow are working router#show flow record TR2-R1-Internetflow record TR2-R1-Internet:  Description:        TR2-R1-Internet  No. of...

Hello Dears,I am trying to enable EVPN  multi-homing on cisco ios XR, but it doesn't allow using subinterfaces when  I apply the ethernet segment under evpn section. ----------------evpninterface Bundle-Ether4.2001!!% Invalid argument: Subinterface n...

Hello Dears, I would like to post another question. I need to connect multiple routers in a single subnet as indicated by the vertical line. Should I connect them all 4x routers by a switch in Packet Tracer ? Does this make sense in the real world ?P...

RoutersConnectedInASwitch.jpg RoutersConnectedByASwitch(1).png
xmakina by Beginner
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Hi , When pinging from host to router path 9k2 has slowness  issue but path 9k1 doesn't have slowness but after sometime it get slowness issue  as well , in short both path has slowness issue to reach router from host .What can be issue can anyone he...