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(4) bonded T1's... which router?

I currently have  2610XM supporting a single T1.  Would like to add 3 more T1's and multilink them.  If I remember, the 2610 will only support a single T1 speed... is that correct?If so, which current router is recommended for 4 T1's.  This will be j...

gvb by Beginner
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SFP ports on 7200 NPE-G2

I'm trying to use the gig0/2 SFP port on an NPE-G2.  I've set the media-type to SFP, used a know good SFP-GE-L (single or multimode) and a known good SM patch and for whatever reason the interfaces keeps going line up protocol down immeadiately after...

w951duu by Beginner
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POS config

HiWhen I configure a POS interfaceinterface POS2/0 bandwidth 155000 ip address encapsulation ppp clock source internal pos framing sdhand in the SDH network i do a logical loop, then the console router does not respond.Wh...

Where to set metric for redistribution

I have dual MPLS networks connected to two different TELCO’s running BGP to the provider. I am running EIGRP internally. I have all of the redistribution working and have the routers preferring the EIGRP routes learned internally over a BGP route usi...

Resolved! Question about IBGP, OSPF relationship

This is a question of how IBGP operates with OSPF.Firslty, synchronization has been disabled.My understanding is that IBGP will check its BGP table for best next-hop to its intended destination. Then after that best next-hop is determined, BGP will t...

west33637 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP configuration

Dear Expert,Two ISPs (local ISP and global ISP) will be peered with bgp router and form the multi-homing. We would like to seek for your advice to configure the bgp router located in Hong Kong data center. Attached please find the logical design diag...

QoS policy to protect GRE traffic

We are using a Cisco ISR 1812 router IOS 124-15.T11 adv ip services loaded.This router has a 3Mbps/1Mbps cable ISP connection to a Physical FE port.  We have also built an IPSEC+GRE tunnel back to the Central Office where the Corporate Web server sit...

glenthms by Beginner
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Resolved! STM-1 interfaces and 3CXL operation

Hi! In our environment we have a 7609 router with RSP720-3CXL and several 76-ES+XT-2TG3CXL, all components are operating at 3CXL mode ( XL - is requirement because equipment holds full internet table). Now we have a need to add STM-1 interfaces to t...

3560E-12SD DC Power Supply Question

This is in relation to the DC power supply used in the WS-C3560E-12SD switch - the power supply is part number C3K-PWR-300WDC. I see in the installation guide that the cables are 16AWG single-stranded copper, but what about the stud size for the term...

gunning by Beginner
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Resolved! Multicast on a switch

Hi,I'm planning to make an experimental IPTV network. I was thinking about having the clients and the video server on the same switch. I was wondering what benefits can I get with multicast in this scenario. I've read about multicast deployed in scen...

drojasug33 by Beginner
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AN issue in 1841 router

Hi Team,suddenly am getting this error logs from  my router.2010-06-03 16:08:34        Local7.Critical     119.8x.x.x     18: *Jun  3 10:19:01: %SYS-2-INTSCHED: 'suspend' at level 3 -Process= "IP NAT Ager", ipl= 3, pid= 139 -Traceback= 0x60867824 0x6...

copy flash to TFTP

bonjour tout le monde;j'ai un routeur 1841 avec un flash 32 MB et j'ai remplacé cette mémoire flash par une autre 64 MB je veux copier la configuration du 1 er flash au 2ème falsh (IOS et tous les config) j'ai cherché sur internet mais j'ai pas trouv...

Class based policing - Bucket size?

Hi Pros,I ve been reading CB Shaping and Policing and got confused on the token bucket size in case of CB Policing - Single Rate Two Color.Single Rate Two Color policers uses Single Token bucket. What is the bucket size in this case. Is the size equa...

Resolved! NAT issue when going across T1

I have two sites with 1841 routers connected by a point-to-point T1. From subnet /24 I can access the Internet via RTRA, as well as hosts on the subnet, and NAT is working correctly. I cannot access the Internet from RTRB, ...