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Hi All,I have a query about BGP to EIGRP route redistrbution.Topology below:R1 ---------------  R2 ---------------- R3 bgp               bgp to eigrp      eigrpAdmin distance has been changed on R2 so the EIGRP route is preferred.If i redistribute a ...

I am trying to simulate a Frame Relay topology on a NBMA network.I am posting the details of sh Running config, sh Frame-relay Map, sh ip int brief, show ip route and ping result of all three routers. Could any one please give me any idea, why East r...

Hi guys, this is my first Post/Question on cisco forums, i'm a CCNA4 student and i'm having a little problem with a nat configuration:I have to sites wich are connected by PPP, each one of them has their ISP provider and each router do the Intervlan/...

Just bought this switch it has the IP base IOS and I need to use BGP and VRF-lite. My question is can I configure and use these two things without having to upgrade to the IP Services IOS? Thanks in advance for your input!BMatz

rmatznick by Level 1
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Hi,how to check ip sec or gre tunnel status.if there isnt any data going through the tunnel then tunnel wont show up in "sh crypto ipsec peer sa" (QM_IDLE status) so the tunnel would be down if there isn't any there any way to validate the tu...

gavin han by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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I have a Cisco 3725 running IOS 12.3. I have three WAN connections (2 x 100Mb and 1 x 2Mb serial) and I need to replace the 2Mb serial connection with a further 100Mb connection. However, I have not got any spare 100Mb sockets.My plan is to use a swi...

Hi All,         I want to run HSRP into my network.i am using two 4503 switch one is main and another one is standby. i configured VLAN into my switch and its running, now i want to configure HSRP. my configure is attach with this mail andmy main swi...

hi,i have trouble to get the serial card (2nd genteration T1 card) on up/up state on a 2901 router. the SP guy who installed the rj48 at the demarc says it was tested good. For some reason, it is on up/down state no matter what i tried. Can someone p...

kope by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I have been using a route map to pick WAN exit points (PBR) on a 3725 router.  This have been working fine with /24 networks.  I am trying to pick the first /28 piece out of the network and send it out a different exit from th...

mnleblanc by Level 1
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On a 1811 running 12.4 I have the following which I have not seen before. The same identifier is used for an access list and a dhcp pool. The only place that identifier is referenced is under a vlan definition. My question: is this access-group statm...

lcaruso by Level 6
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I have 15 sites connected via MPLS. Currently all of the sites go through the main location for internet access. I am doing this by using the default-information originate command within BGP out to the MPLS provider. I am also using EIGRP internally ...

Have an FA card in a 7200 that is reporting fluctuating reliability - currently sitting at 145/255 (Then 30 seconds later it is back up to 175/255) - Can ping the IP assigned to the Interface, but OSPF has stopped working (Going up/down(lasting 15sec...

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