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Dear All,        as per the attached diagram:eugmar50 is connected to eugrsr50 via E3 multilink interface , when i treid to move eugrbr10 link from eugrsr30 to eugrsr50.then , the ping to loop back of eugrsr50 is not stable although the same link wor...

Dear All,        when i connecting serial cable on S0/1 on this router , the ping delay is very high and then s0/1 is up down although the same link working on another router without any problem.

Hello everyone! I have a task "as is" to have one ip network spanning multiple 6500 interfaces(every interface will be connected to single department with dummy switch on remote side). In addition i need to have ip source guard or equivalen feature t...

Hi All,We have a working IPSEC tunnel to another Provider to encrypt everything going to 10.109.x.x - this works great!!I've added another IP range 192.74.x.x to go via the same IPSEC tunnel but can not see the packets being encapsulated and encrypte...

asaykao73 by Beginner
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hi,If we use 4 stackable 3750 switches ( connected in chain to form a single logical switch of 96 ports )  and configured the ports in different VLANs.  And if  any switch is turned off,  say stack switch member 2 is powered down. What happens to the...

hi ,When i am switching on the router i am getting the output :" system bootstrap, version 11.0(10c), softwarecopyright (C) 18601996 by cisco systemsBad memory      -     wrote zero , read 0x00000900 at location 0x00000010 "what would be the problem ...

HiDoes anyone know what's cisco's preference when dealing with a path that has a MED set to 0 and a path that does not have a MED set (assuming everything else is default)?Thank you,Tom

tomek0001 by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have a cisco 2821 connected to a server with ip and all traffic goes to this router.This server only uses this router.  There is another cisco 1841 router with ip and all servers use this device.When I open a term...

Hi, I have configured the PXE Server with Symantec Solution on Windows Server. The PXE clients that are working on same subnet they are working properly. I have PXE clients working on different subnets, they are using WAN connections but they can’t ...

Hello All,Wanted to confirm maximum E1 ports supported on 2811 without any performance degradation.2811 has 4 HWIC slots, i need 8 E1 ports to be connected to different sites.if i populate all 4 slots with VWIC2-2MFT-G703 which makes 8 E1 ports, Any ...

I have tried this configuration in a small lab environment and it was working fine. The web server was running at address.Planning to try this at my customers site, but I do not know if there will be problems with DNS or something else....

mbesim by Beginner
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