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IP SLA or some other configuration

I have a layer 3 switch that has two circuits 1 Gig and 1 10 Gig to the same location.  I want to use them as Primary and backup.  We have tried to do this with just a EIGRP routing option but doesn't seem to be taking over correctly.   Could I possi...

Resolved! Multi Area OSPF

I have build the topology for this and for some reason the router ospf1on the left leg is not doing anythingI just need help on the left leg here is what I've done so farBuild the following network. (multi area OSPF, VLANs)5 Routers with serial ports...

Help with DHCP and static routes

Hello, I am sorry, I am not familiar with a lot of the vocabulary for networking but I am going to give it my best.I was given a task withing cisco packet tracer to set up a DHCP configuration, connect the routers with static routes and assign specif...

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Resolved! mem-flsh-8G memory installation on ISR4331

Hi Guys, i have one router ISR4331 which is running with 16.9.2 image.Actually i need to install new mem-flsh-8G memmory to the router. i did it but after installing there is no compatible version into that memory and router is not booting with old 1...

Noovi by Beginner
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Cisco ISR4321 can't boot

Hello,Please help me please.I have cisco isr 4321/k9 with error: Initializing Hardware ... Checking for PCIe device presence...%ERROR: Critical device not found on 00:02.00 %WARNING: Resetting... Initializing Hardware ... Checking for PCIe device p...

Outputtt by Beginner
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BGP Aggregate Address question

Topology  LAN AS 11(192.168.x.x) ---- DMZ AS 12  |------- MPLS 13 (172.16.x.x)                                                                  |------- MPLS 14 ( 10.x.x.x)                          LAN AS 21 (192.168.x.x) ---- WAN AS 22  |------- MPL...

have a Cisco 2951 act as an NTP server

Hello, what is the best way to configure a Cisco 2951 router as an NTP server?(I thought I set it up correctly a while ago, and used, but I must have done something wrong, since I cannot connect to that server anymore.) thanks, Ron

roncro by Participant
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