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Resolved! Routing

   Hello All, I am new to networking and I'm sure that will be apparent by this question. In one of my classes we have been asked to put together this network(see attached). I have connected everything and assigned IP addresses. I have a server and t...

ccrank by Beginner
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OSPF without area 0

Currently I have 3 devices connected like as in attached diagram. FW-1 is now end of life and out of support. I don't want to buy a new firewall for replacement. I want to remove this firewall from production and shift subnet 20.x from this FW-1 to F...

Please help me configure ASA5506-x

Hello, I recently bought a used Cisco ASA5506-x for training purpose. I spent hours exploring on Google but I haven't figured out how to make it work. ISP : DHCPGI 1/1 : WANGI 2-5 : Gateway : I can ping to...

hyjeon by Beginner
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rv 260

Hello,I just purchase the router rv 260.The factory default password "cisco" does not work.Can someone tell me the real password?Unfortunately the helpline number can not help.

Resolved! Doubt about summarization in ACL

Hello everyone First, sorry if the word isn´t "summarization". I think so but if it's called something else, excuse me and correct me, please...I have a question in my head for days and I need someone to explain why...This is a question that I have s...

Encapsulation issue in Ipsec

Hi experts, I have setup S2S VPN on my ISR router with peer in cloud.Both ike and ipsec are up, in ipsec sa, I can see 0 packets getting encapsulated.I have configured BGP with one of my loopback as neighbour on peer firewall.And I can see the VPN AC...

Eigrp metric sets to infinity due to routes preferred via BGP via MPLS from other sites.

I have Infoblox at site A which is advertising anycast routes via OSPF. The OSPF routes redistributed into EIGRP. The router is supposed to advertise these EIGRP learned routes to MPLS via BGP. But couple other sites are advertising those anycast rou...

Resolved! Cisco Packet Tracer help (maybe bug?)

Hi, I have a question in terms of the cisco packet tracer (v. 7.3.1).I don't know if this is a bug, but I will explain it here:The packet tracer file that is in the attachment is able to send a ping command from PC2 to Server-PT (called google_ 8.8.8...

david_st by Beginner
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