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Resolved! Power Connection on Cisco C899G LTE

Hi, I have just bought a Cisco C899G LTE, with the 4 pin square power plug. The router does not have a power brick with it - does anyone know what the pin-out is so I connect a temporary PSU? Cheers, Bill

radiomean by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ISR 4451-X HSRP group limit

Hi, We have 49 HSRP groups on one interface of our current routers and need to migrate to the 4451's, but the limit appears to be 25. Does anyone know if this is a hardware limit that won't be increased or if there is a possibility for a firmware upg...

Cannoo by Beginner
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Question about different OSPF Process-IDs for single Area using "default-Information originate"

Hi,I´ve a technical question about the use of the "default-information orignate" command in OSPF! I`d like to anncounce a local static Default-Route into OSPF via two different Link-Networks to a L3 Stack! The Interfaces which connect the Router to t...

Port forwarding not working on 2900 router

Please find my config below: hostname R1 boot-start-marker boot-end-marker no aaa new-model ip cef ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp pool HOME network defa...

hirani89 by Beginner
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ACL counters not incrementing on ISR 4300

Hi, I have a Cisco ISR 4300 running isr4300-universalk9.03.13.01.S.154-3.S1-ext.SPA.bin. We can see the counters (pkts output/bytes output) for the class-map incrementing but not in the actual ACL. Is this because your unable to see Matches against A...

Peering iBGP same AS

Please don't shoot me, I'm a wireless guy. With the topology diagram attached, I have (2) MPLS service providers that are not sharing BGP. What's the best way to get the MPLS (DMVPN Headend Routers) to share BGP between each other if all routers in t...

NATing help for ASR rotuer

Hi, Need a help. User --- ROUTER -- SERVER User 9400 I am trying to setup a NAT where user is trying to access the server on port 9400 but it is using router inside IP address as server IP address.I have ...

Unable to pass traffic to NAT object

I'm having some difficulty accessing a web server behind a Cisco ASA 5516-X (version 9.8(4)22) using a NAT object.  I had this working previously, but I changed the configuration a bit: the Gi1/4 port used to be a L3 port, which I changed to L2 and a...

misterDub by Beginner
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Resolved! Redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP

Hello everyone,In this topology, we want to redistribute from EIGRP to OSPF on both R1 and R2. is already an external route on R4 (AD 170). First, we redistributed on R1 and then on R2.On R1:On R2:As you can see R1 sees the 67.x.x.x.x rout...

topology.JPG R1.JPG R2.JPG

Permanent license to smart licensing

Hi all,I need to upgrade router from 16.8.1 to some newer version probably 16.12.x. Because on new IOS versions you need to use smart licensing, my question is what's happening with currently permanent licenses? If router has securityk9 or appxk9  in...

Andrey.A by Beginner
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ISR 4000 Licensing

Hello thereAlthough it's not a new topic, but I think there is a need to clarification. Could someone please inform us about ISR 4000 different licenses ? - We know technology licenses ( Sec, AX, ...) are all RTU, right?- What about performance (Thro...

Resolved! PacketTracer 4 subnets for beginners advice

I teach networking fundamentals and I curious about different methods of implementing subnets.We are using PackettTracer 7.3.1. I want the students to create a network with 4 subnets192.168.1.0/26 What would be some possible Cisco Hardware (ROUTERS a...