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MPLS delivered with G.703

All,Can you help? I am trying to provide backup to a remote site and the second line has been presented with a G.703 signaling on a RJ-45 interface. A few months back someone on here recommended a VWIC2-1MFT-G703 module. This module doesn't work with...

iadegoke by Beginner
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Remote management of Cisco 4948 Switches

What is the easiest way of putting an IP on my 4948s so that I can manage them over the network remotely. Here's my setup:Switch A - 6509, vtp server, contains all vlan interfaces for all vlans.Switch B - 4948, vtp client, trunked to switch A and Swi...

rjrii by Beginner
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Resolved! Connecting 4948s to 6509

Hi guys, I plan to introduce two new switches into a production environment and would like to solicit your feedback to ensure I'm not overlooking anything. I must make the change without impacting current traffic and that's my reasons for approaching...

rjrii by Beginner
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Gurus,I have a general routing question. What is the default routing behavior of Cisco routers and switches ? Is it destination or source based routing ?How do we implement source routing if the default routing is destination based ?How do we impleme...

Multiple Office WAN re-design

Good day.I wish to seek some advice as we evaluate a re-design of our WAN structure.Currently we have multiple offices around the world. Our current design is a full-mesh IPSec network over the commodity internet.We now have 3 offices designated as ...

bsisco by Beginner
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TFTP configuration on a 2811 router

hi,happy new year every one,i have a bunch of 2811 routers in my lab, and i am trying make one of my 2811 router to act as a tftp server, i have copied the required files and enable tftp on the flash but i am not able to copy the files to my other ro...

somesh123 by Beginner
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Resolved! Simple Point-to-point T1 (non-Frame Relay)

Hi, I have two 2600 routers with T1 WICS in them. I configured them with the most basic config, made a T1 cross-over cable and made them talk while in my lab. My service provider told me my circuit (point-to-point) data T1 was ready. I need to use...

vantipov by Beginner
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rip and eigrp unicast

guys just a quick one in rip when we want to do unicast we do passive interface default (so that it shd not bro to others) and do neibour command to do it same for eigrp or not....if we wanna do unicast in eigrp ???? what is the method

Cisco 2811 and HWIC card

Hello AllI have a Cisco 2811 with IOSC2800nm-ipbase-mz.124-3i.binI installed HWIC 1CE1T1-PRIA Card on it but I can not see in the config.I tried many cards and slots on the router but still can not seeAny idea?Thx Ersin

ergonullu by Beginner
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