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Hello,Going for an IPV6 lab where multiple points of redistributions between RIPng and OSPFv3 exist, I was looking for a command to manipulate administrative distance in order to prevent sub-optimal routing, as I usually do IPv4.In IPV4 we have this ...

ccr_cisco by Beginner
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Hi we have a 6509 running 12.2(17d)SXB11 with a strange errorA LES 100mb circuit is plugged into port gi4/48 L3 (copper) when utilisation of this hits 100% it causes extreme packet loss on ports gi1/48 and gi1/41 which are completely un-realted (one ...

jmoss1 by Beginner
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We've 7206 vxr router with atm oc-3 interface.Our branches are connected the hub site via p2p ATM port,we have no encryption on the links and we want to migrate this links to ipsec vpn tunnels and hub&spoke topology.What is the best solution for this...

tdorduncu by Beginner
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Like i said in my last post, the VPN's are now coming up but now i have a VERY strange routing issue. When i delete the default route ( the VPN's stop routing, even though the VPN connections stay active and i can still ping the exter...

Hi,I am using cisco-1841 series router with additional 2 vpn Module cards with an IOS version-flash:c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-9.T7.bin. When i use INET ethernet card 10-BaseT, card is not detected & error message is seen on console "CFG-3-CARD_NOT...

Hello,Is there anything that specifically needs to be stated in IOS to enable BGP and OSPF to run together? I have attached a simple net. diag. I can not get OSPF to establish a relationship between my core and dist. routers. Core is running BGP just...