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Hello,I have 10+ locations with 878 g.shdsl router.They are point-to-point (128K) connected to 2851 router with F/R PVCI want to apply qos for IP Phones, how?Are there any konfig?THANKS

Cisco 871 Multi VLAN Routing Issue?

In setting up a 871 with an EZVPN connection back to a ASA 5520 I have setup VLAN 1 for corporate traffic and VLAN 2 for Home traffic. The ports that are members of vlan 1 can access corporate resource along with accessing internet resources (split t...

spanlink by Beginner
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buffer information

can anyone tell me whats the given packet means. I got the logs after debug sanity command.Buffer information for Small buffer at 0xD809340 data_area 0x789AD184, refcount 0, next 0xD13D8B8, flags 0x0 linktype 0 (None), enctype 0 (None), encsize 14,...

Resolved! Routing question on a new private line.

I know this is a basic routing question, but I can't remember what I need to do for my specific situation. I have a new T1 to a branch location that is running on a network and our local network is a I'm having a hard...

Problem with ATM/IMA

Hi all,I have a problem with new ATM service.All the interfaces are up. But the router can't ping itself, even though that the interface is UP UP.Any help will be much appreciated. See config below.======================================network-clock-...

Resolved! NAT issue

I have a strange issue. I use a Cisco 2811 router with dual ISP for failover.ip nat inside source static tcp 110 interface FastEthernet0/0 110ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface FastEthernet0/0 443ip nat inside sourc...

OSPF Areo 0 and Virtual links

guys basic question abt ospf virtual links.....for exaple three routers are connected A,B,C And B router serials are connected and are in areo the fethernet of the routers are in area 10 so do we need virtual connection to area 0 or not if yes why if...

BGP Conditional Advertisement Query

Hi all,We have 2 edge routers ebgp peering with 2 ISPS (primary & backup). ASPath condition on second ISP still showing some incoming traffic. But I want secondary to be pure backup.ISPs do nt support communities. So Iam looking at 'conditional ' adv...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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Getting the following error on Cisco 7206VXR w/ IOS c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.124-9.T7.binSep 26 08:43:57: %ENTITY_ALARM-6-INFO: ASSERT MAJOR Se2/0 Receiver has remote alarmSep 26 08:43:58: %ENTITY_ALARM-6-INFO: CLEAR MAJOR Se2/0 Receiver has remote a...

jtalbaugh by Beginner
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